About: The purpose is to promote the education, recruitment and retention of outstanding undergraduate and graduate students in science, mathematics, and engineering studies; the DoD is also interested in supporting the education of future scientists and engineers in a number of interdisciplinary areas. 

Website:  SMART Scholarship for Service Program

Deadline: December

Eligibility: The program is intended for citizens of the United States; students must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible for an award.

About: The fellowship program is sponsored by the Army Research Office, Office of Naval Research, Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program.

Website: NDSEG Graduate Fellowship Program 

Deadline: December

Eligibilty: This program is intended for U.S. citizens at or near the beginning of their doctoral studies in science or engineering programs.

Website: The National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program

Deadline: September

Eligibility:  For U.S. citizens, nationals, or permanent resident aliens at or near the beginning of their graduate studies.

About: The East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes provide U.S. graduate students in science and engineering first-hand research experience in Australia, China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore or Taiwan.

Website: NSF-EAPSI Program 

Deadline: November

Eligibility: This program is intended for U.S. citizens at or near the beginning of their doctoral studies in science or engineering programs.

About: A competitive stipend, relocation and travel allowances, and a pre-program site visit are offered.

Website: ONR Summer Faculty Research and Sabbatical Leave Program 

Deadline: December

Eligibility: This program is intended for U.S. citizens who hold teaching or research appointments relating to science and/or engineering at U.S. academic institutions.

About: The AF SFFP offers hands-on exposure to Air Force research challenges through 8- to 12-week research residencies at participating Air Force research facilities for full-time science, mathematics, and engineering faculty at U.S. colleges and universities.

Website: Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship Program

Deadline: December

Eligibility: This program is intended for US citizens or permanent residents who have an earned doctorate in science or engineering and who hold full-time science or engineering faculty positions at US colleges, community colleges and universities.

About: The program is designed to significantly increase the involvement of creative and highly trained scientists and engineers from academia and industry to scientific and technical areas of interest and relevance to the Navy.

Website: NRL fellowship

Deadline: Rolling deadline

Eligibility: This program is open to US citizens and legal permanent residents and offers a competitive stipend as well as insurance, relocation, and travel allowances.

About: The goals of the NREIP are to encourage participating students to pursue science and engineering careers, to further education via mentoring by laboratory personnel and their participation in research, and to make them aware of DoN research and technology efforts, which can lead to employment within the DoN.

Website: The Naval Research Enterprise Intern Program

Deadline: October

Eligibility: U.S. citizenship required; Permanent residents accepted at certain labs (Please see website for details.)

About: The goals of SEAP are to encourage participating students to pursue science and engineering careers, to further their education via mentoring by laboratory personnel and their participation in research, and to make them aware of DoN research and technology efforts, which can lead to employment within the DoN.

Website: The Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program

Deadline: January

Eligibility: SEAP is an eight week summer research opportunity at participating ONR laboratories for high school student who have completed at least grade 9, must be 16 years of age for most Laboratories, and a U.S. citizen. A graduating Senior is eligible to apply.

About: The purpose of this NASA program is to help advance the nation’s aeronautics enterprise by investing in the educational development of the future aeronautics workforce and to provide opportunities to attract highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students to aeronautics and related fields.

Website: NASA website.

Deadline: April

Eligibility: The graduate program is open to U.S. citizens, the applicants should be accepted or enrolled in an accredited program, and remain in good academic standing at their respected college or university.

About: In an effort to foster education and innovation in the area of societal production and utilization of energy, the Link Foundation has a two- year fellowship.

Website: Link Foundation 

Deadline: December

Eligibility:  The applicant must be working toward a Ph.D. in an academic institution.

About: Hertz builds America's capacity for innovation by nurturing remarkable applied scientists and engineers who show the most promise to change the world. Emphasis on near-term application of applied sciences or engineering; approximately 20 new fellowships awarded annually, tenable at most top-level U.S. research universities; two options available, chosen at time of award.

Website: Hertz Foundation 

Deadline: Fall

Eligibility: Citizen or permanent resident of US, College seniors wishing to pursue the Ph.D. degree in any of the fields of particular interest to the Foundation, as well as graduate students already in the process of doing so, may apply.

Website: IBM PhD Fellowships

Deadline: October


  • Enrolled full time in college or University
  • Completed one year in doctoral program at time of nomination
  • Must be nominated by faculty member

Website: National Physical Science Consortium 

Deadline: November

Eligibility: US Citizen (Emphasis on underrep. minorities and women), senior year 3.0 GPA, first year grad school pursuing Ph.D, returning from workforce with no more than a masters.

Website: FastLane Graduate Research Fellowships

Deadline: November

Eligibility: Citizens or nationals of the United States or permanent resident aliens of the United States, graduate study leading to research-based master's or doctoral degrees in the fields of science, mathematics, and engineering, In most cases, an individual has three opportunities to apply: during the senior year of college, prior to or during the first year of graduate school, and at the beginning of the second year of graduate school. Individuals who have completed no more than 12 months of graduate study (or the equivalent in part-time study) are eligible.

Website: NIH Predoctoral Fellowship Awards

Deadline: April, August, December


Citizenship: citizens or noncitizen nationals of the United States, or have been lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence. Underrepresentation: The applicant must be from ethnic/racial groups that have been determined by the applicant's graduate institution to be underrepresented in biomedical or behavioral research. 

Degree Requirements: An applicant must currently be enrolled in a Ph.D. or equivalent research degree program, a combined M.D./Ph.D. program, or other combined professional doctorate/research Ph.D. graduate program in the biomedical or behavioral sciences, or have been accepted by and agreed to enroll in such a graduate program in the academic year for which funds are sought.

Website: Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowships 

Deadline: January

Eligibility: All citizens or nationals of the United States regardless of race, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation. Individuals with evidence of superior academic achievement (such as grade point average, class rank, honors or other designations).

Website: National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellowships 

Deadline: December

Eligibility: Citizens or nationals of US, students at or near beginning of graduate studies (be enrolled in their final year of undergraduate studies or have completed no more than the equivalent of one academic year of full-time graduate study as a part-time or full-time student).

Website: AT&T Labs Internship Program 

Deadline: January

Eligibility: Currently enrolled, or planning to enroll, in a graduate school program leading to a PhD. Major field must be in computer science, math, statistics, electrical engineering, operations research, systems engineering, industrial engineering, or related fields. Students must have a US social security number. US citizenship or residency is not a requirement.

Website: NASA Graduate Student Research Program

Deadline: March

Eligibility: Applicants must be currently enrolled or accepted as a full-time graduate student in an accredited U.S. college or university. Applicants must be U.S. citizens.

Students may apply at any time during their graduate program, or prior to receiving the baccalaureate degree, provided they have been accepted to an accredited graduate program at a U.S. college or university. 

All applicants must have a Faculty Adviser from the institution where they plan to receive their graduate degree. Graduating seniors accepted by a graduate school must contact their graduate school department and request an adviser to support the NASA research funded under the GSRP.

Identification of an Adviser is important since the awards are made to the Research Adviser at the university on behalf of the student.