Chunmei Ban headshot
Associate Professor • Materials

Office Location: ECES 156
Lab Location: ECES 127

Research Interests

Control of the hierarchical structure of multilength-scale materials, chemical and physical properties of materials, manipulating the interface for energy technologies

Dr. Ban's current research includes interfacial science and engineering for functional materials used in energy conversion and storage systems; mechanical-electrochemical coupling at electrode-electrolyte interface for a variety of electrochemical systems; design of new materials systems for lithium ion and multivalent ion diffusion in solid lattices for future multivalent energy storage systems; multi-modal and in situ measurements to exploit the complex functionality and process for a more thorough understanding of the mechanisms underlying the electrochemical behaviors.

Societal Impact

Ban's research focuses on next-generation electrochemical materials to address the increasing environmental needs for energy storage systems that can be coupled with renewable energy and electric vehicles.

Select Publications

Select Awards

  • 2018 – President’s Award on research of operando X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • 2016 – Innovation and Technology Transfer Award, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • 2014 – Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) Mid-Continent Regional Award
  • 2014 – Innovation and Technology Transfer Award, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Select Professional Activities

  • 2017 – present, Editor and Board member of the Institute of energy technology (IET)
  • 2016 – present, Editorial Advisory Board Member for Sustainable Energy & Fuels
  • 2018 – General Chair of Beyond Li-ion Conference XI, Cleveland, OH
  • 2013 – General Chair of Beyond Li-ion Conference VI, Boulder, CO