Published: Sept. 7, 2021 By

Dario GarciaDario Garcia is a senior in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently interning with FIRST RF.

Where have you been working this summer and what made them stand out in your internship search?

This summer I had the pleasure of working at FIRST RF! I found the application through Indeed and I was interested in them as they’re an aerospace and antenna/RF company. They also emphasized that I would be working hands on with actual mechanical engineering projects, so that sold me instantly.

What kinds of projects have you been able to contribute to? What does your day to day work look like?

Although a majority of my projects related to proprietary information, I was able to assist my team with many different aspects of their work. I worked on the initial designs and 3D modeling of parts and products, as well as modeling and prototyping of upcoming projects. I was also able to work within the company's production facilities on the assembly of current products.

How did what you've learned through classes show up in your work?  

I would 100% say CAD and SolidWorks with its respective certificates. My internship dealt with complex models and parts that were ever evolving and changing. Being well versed in CAD and being a Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) and Certified SolidWorks Professional (CSWP) allowed me to not only secure the job, but to also contribute to the work right away. 

What advice would you have for other students interested in working or interning in a related field?

Be persistent and confident! A lot of these jobs are competitive and may sound intimidating, but just remember that you are getting an education to make you equally as competitive. You may get turned down from some but so many other ones are open as well! During interviews and internships, remain confident. Present yourself how you want and remember how capable you are!