Published: April 24, 2017
Alex O'Brien

I am a fourth year undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student, and this is my second year working in Professor Mark Rentschler's Advanced Medical Technologies Laboratory (AMTL). My research is primarily focused on the effects of thermal tissue fusion on biological tissue. Most recently, I was selected for the Discovery Learning Apprenticeship program, where I am helping develop a real-time, indirect water content measurement system in porcine tissue in the AMTL. Hopefully, my efforts in the lab will eventually lead to safer and less costly medical devices, which can increase the survival rate of patients undergoing surgical procedures.

I would like to thank Professor Rentschler for nominating me for this award, Doug Fankell for mentoring me these past few years, and the rest of the graduate and undergraduate students in the lab for helping me with the development of my research, and creating a friendly environment for me to work in.

I enjoy playing pick-up basketball, snowboarding, and am looking forward to graduating in May, and moving on to the professional world.