Published: April 10, 2017
Eric Acome

Eric is a second-year PhD student working in the Keplinger Research Group, which specializes in soft machines and materials that can be used for actuators, sensors, and energy generation. Eric focuses on soft actuators and he is currently working on a new type of reliable, high performance soft electrostatic actuator. Exciting applications of these devices include muscle-mimetic assistive devices that readily conform to one's body, soft haptic interfaces for human-robot interaction, and robots that mimic soft-bodied animals like octopus. Eric enjoys the collaborative atmosphere in the Keplinger Research Group, where the variety of backgrounds helps to inspire and drive their research forward. 

Eric received a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech in 2011. After graduation, he worked for 3 years in Ithaca, NY designing equipment for high energy physics labs. Before starting at CU, he briefly worked at Alpine Labs, a time lapse photography startup in Boulder. 

Outside of research, Eric enjoys a variety of activities ranging from fly fishing small streams along Front Range, skateboarding around town, and mountain biking. Mostly, he enjoys spending time with his partner Ellie, and they are both looking forward to embarking on a new adventure in parenthood when their daughter is born this summer.