Published: Sept. 15, 2016
Zhengwei Li

Zhengwei Li is a senior PhD student working with Professor Jianliang Xiao. Li's work spans a few different areas, including mechanics of stretchable electronics and optoelectronics, mechanics of soft materials, stretchable thin film, optical functional materials and nanomaterials.

He is now studying hierarchical wrinkling of thin films on both flat and hemispherical surfaces with interesting applications in smart windows, mechanochromic devices, bioinspired imaging systems and photovoltaic systems.

Li is dedicated to high-impact research and exhibits extraordinary capabilities and potential in his research field. He has published 12 journal papers in prestigious journals, and has given 6 conference presentations. There are also 8 papers in the pipeline to be submitted in a month or two. Besides, he has supervised two master and two undergraduate students.

Li has demonstrated not only his talent and diligence, but also his leadership and team work capabilities. He has received numerous awards, including Haythornthwaite Foundation Travel Award, Thomas & Brenda GEERS Graduate Fellowship, NSF Travel Award and 2016 Summer Graduate School Fellowship from CU Boulder.

Focus Area: Mechanics of Materials and Micro/Nano - Xiao Research Group