Published: July 14, 2016
Shanshan Xu

Focus Area:  Materials Science and Engineering

Shanshan is in her third year of graduate school, working with Professors Y.C. Lee and Ronggui Yang in the field of thermal management of mobile electronics. She has made the thinnest thermal ground planes with 3.5 times effective thermal conductivity than that that of copper reference. Additionally, the thermal ground planes haven proven to provide a much lower and more uniform surface temperature than copper reference.

She received a Best Poster Award at the ASME-wide Micro/Nano Forum during the 2015 ASME Congress in Houston. The title of the poster was “Development of Flexible and Ultra-Thin Thermal Ground Planes” and the authors are Shanshan Xu (presenter and lead author), Ryan J Lewis, Li-Anne Liew, Yung-Cheng Lee, and Ronggui Yang.