A student who is maintaining valid F-1 status may transfer from one DHS-approved school to another by following the transfer procedures. Simply transferring academically from one school to another does not transfer a student's F-1 status unless the student and Designated School Official of the receiving school follow these procedures.

To request a transfer of your SEVIS record to a new school, you will need to complete the procedure below. When you complete the SEVIS Transfer Out Form, you will be asked what date you would like your SEVIS record to be transferred to the new school. Your SEVIS record transfer-out date is the date when the new school would be able to issue an I-20 for your program. Your SEVIS record transfer-out date must be before your 60 day grace period ends, if applicable. If you are unsure what your SEVIS record transfer-out date should be, please speak with ISSS.

ISSS can only cancel your SEVIS record transfer request prior to the requested transfer-out date. If your SEVIS record has already been transferred to your new school and you decide to attend a different school or to remain at CU Boulder, you will have to work with the school your SEVIS record was transferred to in order to obtain another SEVIS record transfer to the school you will attend.

When to apply:

  • It is necessary to notify USCIS of any transfer of schools. To do this, F-1 students must follow the below procedures to request a timely transfer of their SEVIS record to their new school.
  • F-1 students must begin their studies at the transfer-in school at the next available term or within 5 months of their last date of attendance at CU Boulder or OPT authorization end date, whichever is sooner.

How to request a transfer of your SEVIS record:

To complete the transfer-out process, you must submit the following documentation to ISSS by completing the SEVIS Transfer Out Form

  • Official proof of admission to the new school 
  • If applicable: SEVIS Transfer-In Form from the new school 

After you have submitted the SEVIS Transfer Out Form and related documentation, ISSS will then release your SEVIS record to the new school. The new school cannot make a new I-20 for you until they have control of your SEVIS record. You must check in with the international student office at the new school within 15 days of the start of classes!

What the international student office at the new school will do:

  • Verify that you are enrolled at the new school.
  • Update your SEVIS record to show that you reported to the new school and completed the transfer within the 15-day deadline.
  • Give you a new I-20 for the new school showing that the transfer is complete.

Important Reminders:

  1. If you are not maintaining your F-1 status or are otherwise ineligible for the transfer procedures, the F-1 regulations require that you apply to USCIS for reinstatement to F-1 status. Please visit the ISSS reinstatement to F-1 status webpage for more information
  2. If you accomplish the transfer by re-entering the United States with the new I-20, and you have been out of status, you will be reinstated to the proper F-1 status when you re-enter. You must have a valid passport, valid visa, and otherwise be eligible for entry to the United States.

Withdrawing From Classes 

You may also have to submit a Withdrawal Form to the Registrar’s Office for the semester in which you wish to withdraw. This is typically required if you have already registered for classes for the withdrawal semester and you are unable to drop the classes because it is past the first drop deadline. Students who register for classes for any given semester are obligated to pay full tuition and fees for that semester unless they officially withdraw or drop all of the classes they are enrolled in by the specified deadlines. Please review the information about withdrawing from CU Boulder on the Registrar’s website and be sure to complete all required University procedures. Failure to officially drop all classes or withdraw from CU Boulder may result in being charged full tuition and fees for the semester of the SEVIS record transfer or the semester following the SEVIS record transfer.