When to apply:

If you advance from one educational program or level to another and stay at the same school, USCIS must be notified of the change.


  1. You must have been a full-time student maintaining status.
  2. You must enroll in the program in the next available term after leaving the previous program or in the first term following an authorized vacation.

What you need to do:

  • Notify ISSS that you will be changing your program.

What ISSS will do:

  • Update your I-20 information in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System and give you a new, updated I-20.
  • ORĀ If you go outside the United States (except for a trip of 30 days or less to Mexico, Canada, or the Caribbean Islands other than Cuba), you may accomplish the change by presenting a new I-20 showing the new program or degree to an immigration officer at the port of entry. The immigration officer should adjudicate the I-20 and stamp and return your I-20 to show the change. If this was not accomplished, see an international student advisor.


If you accomplish the change by re-entering the United States with the new I-20, you must have a valid passport, a valid visa, and otherwise be eligible for entry to the United States. If you have questions, see an international student advisor.