An international student in F-1 status may be enrolled in two different SEVIS-approved schools as long as the combined enrollment at the two schools amounts to a full-time course of study.  This is called “concurrent enrollment.”

If an international student in F-1 status will be using credit(s) at a non-CU Boulder institution to make up their full-time enrollment in a given semester, then the student must complete a Concurrent Enrollment Agreement e-form (available in MyISSS portal)

Please note, prior approval from ISSS for Concurrent Enrollment is only required if a student in F-1 status will be using credits taken at another SEVIS approved school to meet the full-time enrollment requirements.

Yes. If an international student in F-1 status would like to take a class at an institution outside of CU Boulder and count those credits toward their full-time enrollment at CU Boulder, then they must receive prior approval for the concurrent enrollment from their academic advisor and ISSS to ensure compliance with F-1 regulatory requirements.

Yes, only course credits that further academic progress and contribute to the CU Boulder program of study can be counted toward full-time enrollment.

Yes, due to the F-1 regulatory requirement of on-campus presence, students who participate in concurrent enrollment need to be in at least one in-person class at CU Boulder for the fall, spring, and summer terms (if summer is the final term). Please keep in mind that only 3 credits of distance education (either at CU or at the other outside institution) can count toward the full-time enrollment requirement. Students who will enroll in courses at another institution during the summer when it is not their final term do not need to enroll in any courses at CU Boulder. Because full-time enrollment is not required in summer if it is not a student’s final term, the student does not need to apply for Concurrent Enrollment. Concurrent Enrollment is only required if a student is using the concurrent enrollment to meet a full-time enrollment requirement in a term when full-time enrollment is required. Students who wish to be admitted, enroll, and go to classes full time at an institution other than CU Boulder and who do not wish to maintain enrollment at CU Boulder will need to request a transfer to the new institution by submitting the Transferring Your SEVIS Record from CU (available in MyISSS portal)

To request concurrent enrollment, students must fill out the Concurrent Enrollment Agreement (available in MyISSS portal). This form will ask for proof of concurrent course registration and will need to be signed by your academic advisor or graduate program administrator, who will confirm the credits taken at the other institution will further the students' academic progress and contribute to the CU Boulder academic program. ISSS will review the request within 2-5 business days.

Upon completing your concurrent enrollment, you must fill out the Completion of Concurrent Enrollment Course(s) (available in MyISSS portal).

No, students who will not be using credits earned at another institution to meet the full-time enrollment requirement need not request prior approval from ISSS to take the courses at the other institution. Note: if you are sponsored, you may need approval from your scholarship sponsor to take courses at another institution.

Sometimes institutions will require a student to provide a letter in support of their Concurrent Enrollment. Please discuss any required documentation with the institution you will enroll in courses with. CU ISSS can provide you with a letter upon request.

If you are a student sponsored by Aramco Services, the Kuwait Cultural Office, Embassy of Oman, KGSP, SABIC, SACM, SCO, or Fulbright and are considering Concurrent Enrollment, you will need approval from your sponsor before ISSS will approve the Concurrent Enrollment.  Please reach out to an ISSS Sponsored Student Advisor to discuss further.  You may email sponsored student advising at or attend a sponsored student advising session.