Anna Linnenberger
Ph.D. • Meadowlark Optics
Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering Department


  • “Visible Hyperspectral Image Projector Based on Spatial Light Modulators”, NIST SBIR Phase I and Phase II award.  2008-2011. Proposal primary author, program manager and technical lead. $390,000
  • “Structural properties of CNT polymer composites”, NSF SBIR Phase I award. 2010-2011. Proposal co-author, technical lead. $150,000
  • “Novel 3D Microscope”, NIMH STTR Phase I.  2012-2014. Proposal co-author, program manager and technical lead. $600,000
  • Teets Family Endowed Doctoral Fellowship


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  • Anna Linnenberger, Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering, Live cell lithography and non-invasive mapping of neural networks, University of Colorado, 2014.
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