What we do!

Our research is at the interface of optics and materials science. We create new photoresponsive materials, typically polymers, to address important problems in regenerative medicine, lithography and bio-optics.  We expose these materials with novel optical patterning tools such as stereolithographic 3D printers, direct laser write or interference lithography.  The parts we fabricate are often beyond the capability of current characterization tools, so we also develop new tomographic, holographic and microscopic measurement techniques. Our work is highly interdisciplinary and thus we collaborate extensively with materials scientists, cell biologists, surgeons and engineers in academia, national labs and industry. Students and post-docs in the group come from both Electrical Engineering and Physics, typically specializing in Optics, and Materials Science, typically specializing in soft and polymer materials.  We are currenlty understaffed in experienced optics and holography researchers and would welcome inquiries about graduate or postdoctoral study.

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