Scriptural Margins journal cover50.2, Fall/Winter 2012
Sue Zemka, Editor

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“Scriptural Margins” presents new work on scriptures and their interpreters from a variety of religious traditions. The essays gathered here focus on what happens in the spaces around scriptures—on written acts of analysis, resistance, creation, and appropriation, and on the histories by which such writings contribute to the phenomenon of a sacred text. Contributors include: Nathan Englander on translation, the Haggadah, and the space between ‘the holy and the holy’; Regina Schwartz on law, justice, and love in the Bible; John Felstiner on piety and apostasy in Celan; Lorilai Biernacki on Hindu and Tantric male sexuality; Chloe Starr on fiction and landscape in a Chine life of Christ; Elizabeth Robinson on rhythm and childhood encounters with the Bible; Emran El-Badawi on humanism and the Qur’an; Jeremy Walker on queer Mormonism; and James T. Robinson on the emergence of innovative biblical interpretations.


In This Issue
  • John Feistiner on Celan
  • Regina Mara Schwartz on love and justice
  • Nathan Englander on translation
  • Loriliai Biernacki on Hindu masculinity
  • Chloë Starr on a Chinese life of Christ
  • Nicola Masciandaro on severed hands
  • Jeremy Walker on queer Mormonism
  • Poems and Essays by Elizabeth Robinson and Kazim Ali
  • and more