The Specter of the Archive journal cover45.1, Spring/Summer 2007
John-Michael Rivera, editor

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How does the archive haunt the literary and cultural study of the past? The third issue of the new ELN addresses this question and investigate what demarcates the archive of literary culture. Broadly, then, this ELN issue incorporates scholarship on texts that theoretically, creatively, and methodologically engage the representational power of the archive. In addition to critical papers that explore cultural forms, the issue also includes creative non-fiction, short stories, poetry, analysis of museum collections, and archival projects that expand our understanding of the archive.


In This Issue
  • Archival Cultural Studies
  • History
  • Print Culture
  • Lyric Essay
  • Archival Poetics
  • Recovery Projects
  • Museum and Library Politics
  • Collecting and Colonialism
  • Race and Memory
  • Gender and Erasure
  • Memoir and Mnemonics
  • Death and Haunting
  • Theorizing the Archive
  • and more