Latinx Lives in Hemispheric Context

56.2/ October 2018

Maria Windell and Jesse Alemán, editors

Critical and Comparative Mysticisms (56.1)

56.1, April 2018 (Duke University Press)

Nan Goodman, editor

Environmental Trajectories (55.1/2)

55.1/2, Fall 2017
Teresa A. Toulouse, Michael E. Zimmerman, and Jason Gladstone, Editors

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In/Security (54.2)

54.2, Fall/Winter 2016
Janice Ho and Nadine Attewell, Editors

Secure Sites (54.1)

54.1, Spring/Summer 2016
Paul Youngquist, Jeffrey Cox, and Jill Heydt-Stevenson, Editors

Medieval Materiality

53.2, Fall/Winter 2015
Katie Little and Anne Lester, editors

Sexing the Left

53.1, Spring/Summer 2015
Cheryl Higashida, Aaron Lecklinder, and Gary Holcomb, Editors

Cartographies of Dissent

52.2, Fall/Winter 2014
Karim Mattar, editor

Imaginary Cartographies

52.1, Spring/Summer 2014
Karen Jacobs, editor

After Critique?

51.2, Fall/Winter 2013
David Glimp and Russ Castronovo, editors

Scriptural Margins

50.2, Fall/Winter 2012
Sue Zemka, editor

Shape of the I Vol. II

50.1, Spring/Summer 2012
Julie Carr and John-Michael Rivera, editors

Shape of the I Vol. I

49.2, Fall/Winter 2011
Julie Carr and John-Michael Rivera, editors

Transnational Exchange

49.1, Spring/Summer 2010
Laura Winkiel, editor


48.2, Fall/Winter 2010
Nan Goodman, editor

Genre and Affect

48.1, Spring/Summer 2010
Kelly Hurley, editor

Literature and Pseudoscience

47.2, Fall/Winter 2009
Katherine Eggert, editor

Experimental Literary Education

47.1, Spring/Summer 2009
Jeffrey Robinson, editor

Graphia: The Graphic Novel and Literary Criticism

46.2, Fall/Winter 2008
William Kuskin, editor

Time and the Arts

46.1, Spring/Summer 2008
Sue Zemka, editor

Queer Space

45.2, Fall/Winter 2007
Kelly Hurley, editor

The Specter of the Archive

45.1, Spring/Summer 2007
John-Michael Rivera, editor

Photography and Literature

44.2, Fall/Winter 2006
Karen Jacobs, editor

Literary History and the Religious Turn

44.1, Spring/Summer 2006
Bruce Holsinger, editor