Kashmiri Futures

61.2 October 2023

Deepti Misri, Ather Zia, and Mohamad Juniad, Special Issue Editors

Pandemic! COVID-19 and Literary Studies

61.1, April 2023

Jason Gladstone, Nan Goodman, and Karim Mattar, Special Issue Editors

Fashion's Borders

60.2, October 2022

Jane Garrity and Celia Marshik, Special Issue Editors


60.1, April 2022

Rebecca Lemon, Special Issue Editor

Trauma and Horror

59.2, October 2021

Kelly Hurley, Special Issue Editor

Transhistoricizing Claude McKay’s Romance in Marseille

59.1, April 2021

Gary Edward Holcomb and William J. Maxwell, Special Issue Editors

Indigenous Futures and Medieval Pasts

58.2, October 2020

Tarren Andrews and Tiffany Beechy, Editors

Memory, Amnesia, Commemoration

57.2, Fall 2019

Ramesh Mallipeddi and Cristoval Silva, Editors


57.1, April 2019

Laura Winkiel, Editor

Latinx Lives in Hemispheric Context

56.2, October 2018

Maria Windell and Jesse Alemán, editors

Critical and Comparative Mysticisms (56.1)

56.1, April 2018 (Duke University Press)

Nan Goodman, editor

Environmental Trajectories (55.1/2)

55.1/2, Fall 2017
Teresa A. Toulouse, Michael E. Zimmerman, and Jason Gladstone, Editors

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In/Security (54.2)

54.2, Fall/Winter 2016
Janice Ho and Nadine Attewell, Editors

Secure Sites (54.1)

54.1, Spring/Summer 2016
Paul Youngquist, Jeffrey Cox, and Jill Heydt-Stevenson, Editors

Medieval Materiality

53.2, Fall/Winter 2015
Katie Little and Anne Lester, editors

Sexing the Left

53.1, Spring/Summer 2015
Cheryl Higashida, Aaron Lecklinder, and Gary Holcomb, Editors

Cartographies of Dissent

52.2, Fall/Winter 2014
Karim Mattar, editor

Imaginary Cartographies

52.1, Spring/Summer 2014
Karen Jacobs, editor

After Critique?

51.2, Fall/Winter 2013
David Glimp and Russ Castronovo, editors

Scriptural Margins

50.2, Fall/Winter 2012
Sue Zemka, editor

Shape of the I Vol. II

50.1, Spring/Summer 2012
Julie Carr and John-Michael Rivera, editors

Shape of the I Vol. I

49.2, Fall/Winter 2011
Julie Carr and John-Michael Rivera, editors

Transnational Exchange

49.1, Spring/Summer 2010
Laura Winkiel, editor


48.2, Fall/Winter 2010
Nan Goodman, editor

Genre and Affect

48.1, Spring/Summer 2010
Kelly Hurley, editor

Literature and Pseudoscience

47.2, Fall/Winter 2009
Katherine Eggert, editor

Experimental Literary Education

47.1, Spring/Summer 2009
Jeffrey Robinson, editor

Graphia: The Graphic Novel and Literary Criticism

46.2, Fall/Winter 2008
William Kuskin, editor

Time and the Arts

46.1, Spring/Summer 2008
Sue Zemka, editor

Queer Space

45.2, Fall/Winter 2007
Kelly Hurley, editor

The Specter of the Archive

45.1, Spring/Summer 2007
John-Michael Rivera, editor

Photography and Literature

44.2, Fall/Winter 2006
Karen Jacobs, editor

Literary History and the Religious Turn

44.1, Spring/Summer 2006
Bruce Holsinger, editor