Time and the Arts journal cover46.1, Spring/Summer 2008
Sue Zemka, editor

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This issue of ELN investigates the temporality of various artistic forms—novels, poetry, tragedy, cinema, and digital gaming. Some essays offer new approaches to established works and authors (messianism in Hamlet; apocalypse in Hopkins; mourning in Hiroshima Mon Amour), while other essays venture into little-studied topics such as radio broadcasts, digital gaming, and the intertwined temporality of working-class radicalism and grammar. A recurrent theme is the temporality of reading practices: there are essays on the relation between newspapers and novels; on rereading Austen; and on nineteenth-century serialization. Another theme is the relation between media and temporality, which is approached from both historicist perspectives and from angles that focus the political and cultural impact of new media. An exclusive feature in this issue is a poetry cluster, including new work by Carol Snow and Andrew Joron. The issue also contains an interview with filmmaker Phil Solomon and a review essay on the aesthetic theory of Karl Heinz Bohrer.


In This Issue
  • Reading Time
  • Temporalities of Media
  • Recent Poetry
  • Mortality
  • Digital Gaming and Experimental Film
  • Slow and Fast Art
  • Review Essay
  • and more