English Language Notes (ELN) is dedicated to interdisciplinary and collaborative work among literary scholarship and fields as disparate as theology, fine arts, history, geography, philosophy, and science. The journal provides a unique forum for cutting-edge debate and exchange among university-affiliated and independent scholars, artists of all kinds, and academic as well as cultural institutions.

ELN is delighted to announce that, as of the publication of our April 2018 issue, we are published by Duke University Press Journals. Our digital content is hosted by Duke UP digital journal platform and Project Muse. While our special issue format will continue, we are adding a new section, consistent in all of our issues called “Of Note,” that will highlight trends in criticism, scholarship, and provide reviews of notable new books. We appreciate your support of the journal as it continues to become a leader in critical exchange and debate.

Editor in Chief 

  • Nan Goodman

Managing Editor

  • Kaela Walker

Editorial Board

  • Jane Garrity
  • Jason Gladstone
  • David Glimp
  • Nan Goodman
  • Jillian Heydt-Stevenson
  • Janice Ho
  • Kelly Hurley
  • Karim Mattar
  • Maria Windell

  • Elizabeth Abel, University of California, Berkeley
  • Adélékè Adéẹ̀kọ́, Ohio State University
  • Matthew Anderson, University of New England
  • Jan Baetens, University of Leuven (Belgium)
  • Sara Blair, University of Michigan
  • Rob Breton, Nipissing University (Canada)
  • Anna Brickhouse, University of Virginia
  • Steven Bruhm, University of Western Ontario (Canada)
  • Lennard Davis, University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Madelyn Detloff, Miami University, Ohio
  • Wai Chee Dimock, Yale University
  • Laura Doan, University of Manchester (UK)
  • Dino Felluga, Purdue University
  • Cathrine Frank, University of New England
  • Esther Gabara, Duke University
  • Laura Green, Northeastern University
  • Jennifer Green-Lewis, George Washington University
  • Elena Gualtieri, University of Groningen (Netherlands)
  • Steffen Hantke, Sogang University (South Korea)
  • Richard Hornsey, University of the West of England, Bristol (UK)
  • Karen Jacobs,University of Colorado, Boulder
  • David Kurnick, Rutgers University
  • Doran Larson, Hamilton College
  • Tirza Latimer, California College of the Arts
  • Caroline Levine, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Jill Matus, University of Toronto (Canada)
  • David McWhirter, Texas A&M University, College Station
  • Richard Menke, University of Georgia
  • David Palumbo-Liu, Stanford University
  • Kent Puckett, University of California, Berkeley
  • Terry Rowden, City University of New York
  • Martha Rust, New York University
  • Shawn Smith, School of the Art Institute, Chicago
  • Brian Stefans, UCLA
  • Rebecca Totaro, Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Martha Merrill Umphrey, Amherst College
  • Rebecca Walkowitz, Rutgers University
  • William West, Northwestern University
  • Mark Wollaeger, Vanderbilt University

With its inaugural spring/summer 2006 issue, “Literary History and the Religious Turn” (Bruce Holsinger, editor), the University of Colorado’s scholarly journal English Language Notes marked a new beginning. Whereas an academic journal of 1963 (the year ELN was founded) could well imagine its readers to agree on such fundamental premises as the nature and scope of the field of literature, since then a proliferation of approaches, justifications, and critical discourses, as well as the fluidity of the very object of study, have made that kind of confidence itself a subject of debate. Over the past two and a half years, therefore, ELN has undergone an extensive makeover as a semiannual journal devoted exclusively to special topics in all fields of literary and cultural studies. The editorial collective is particularly determined to revive and re-energize the journal’s traditional commitment to featuring shorter “notes,” often no more than three or four pages in print, an aspect of ELN that aims to provide a unique forum for cutting-edge scholarly debate and exchange in the humanities.

Since its inaugural issue, ELN has published “Cartographies of Dissent” (Karim Mattar, fall/winter 2014); “Imaginary Cartographies” (Karen Jacobs, spring/summer 2014); “Photography and Literature” (Karen Jacobs, fall/winter 2006); “The Specter of the Archive” (John-Michael Rivera, spring/summer 2007); “Queer Space” (Jane Garrity, fall/winter 2007); “Time and the Arts” (Sue Zemka, spring/summer 2008); “Graphia: Literary Criticism and the Graphic Novel” (William Kuskin, fall/winter 2008); “Experimental Literary Education” (Jeffrey Robinson, spring/summer 2009); “Literature and Pseudoscience” (Katherine Eggert, fall/winter 2009); “Genre and Affect” (Kelly Hurley, spring/summer 2010); “Juris-Dictions” (Nan Goodman, fall/winter 2010); and “Transnational Exchange” (Laura Winkiel, spring/summer 2011); “The Shape of the I: A Double Issue” (Julie Carr & John-Michael Rivera, fall/winter 2011 & spring/summer 2012); “Scriptural Margins” (Sue Zemka, fall/winter 2012); “Advisory Board Issue” (Laura Winkiel, spring/summer 2013); “After Critique?” (David Glimp and Russ Castronovo, fall/winter 2013). See a preview of forthcoming issues here.