LingDisco poses for a photo with the judges. From left to right: Elle Bruno, Jane Miller, Ryan Dennie, Evan Baltman, Mitch Hamilton, Nancy Pierce, and Susan (Wolff) Alban (Credit: Ryan William Vachon)

5 startups poised to make pitches a reality, thanks to annual New Venture Challenge

April 20, 2023

Among the startups, Computer science student Evan Baltman and his team received $15,0000 for their pitch of LingDisco, an entirely new platform that combines music streaming and language learning into one app, harnessing the power of AI and natural language processing.

Brant Smith

CS student Brant Smith recognized as student leader

Feb. 4, 2022

Brant Smith is a fifth-year student in the Outdoor Program pursuing a degree in computer science. He is one of the recipients of the Center for Leadership student leader of the year award.

Will Loughlin in a basketball game

Will Loughlin: D1 athlete, CS senior & rare walk-on scholarship winner

Feb. 1, 2022

An interview with Will Loughlin, who balances a computer science senior capstone and life as a D1 basketball player. He recently received a scholarship as a walk-on, the first time in at least 12 years one has been awarded.

Taylor Weinsz, Kavya Kannan, Ben Capeloto

Ben Capeloto brings engineering perspective to student government

Aug. 5, 2021

Ben Capeloto, a senior majoring in aerospace engineering and minoring in computer science, is one of the first engineers to be elected as one of three student body presidents for the campus, referred to as tri-executives.

Jasey Chanders

First year's robotics work will help kids tell their stories

May 25, 2021

First year Jasey Chanders recently received an undergraduate research (UROP) grant to build robotics that stimulate kids in imaginative play.

Award winners

Exemplary seniors earn Graduating Student Awards

May 2, 2021

Four students from the Department of Computer Science earned Graduating Student Awards . These honors are conferred to seniors who are nominated by faculty, staff or fellow students for their outsanding contributions. "The Department of Computer Science is proud to have graduates like Sasha, Will, Cathleen, and Matthew," said Ken...