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Course # Course Title Typically Offered
CSCI 1000 Computer Science as a Field of Work & Study Fall
CSCI 1200 Introduction to Computational Thinking Fall
CSCI 1300 CS1: Starting Computing (novice) Fall, Spring, Summer
CSCI 2270 CS2: Data Structures Fall, Spring, Summer
CSCI 2275 Programming and Data Structures Fall
CSCI 2400 Computer Systems Fall, Spring, Summer
CSCI 2820 Linear Algebra with CS Applications Fall, Spring
CSCI 2824 Discrete Structures Fall, Spring, Summer
CSCI 3002 Fundamentals of Human Computer Interaction Fall, Spring
CSCI 3010 Intensive Programming Workshop Fall, Spring
CSCI 3022 Intro to Data Science with Probability & Statistics Fall, Spring
CSCI 3100 Software & Society Fall
CSCI 3104 Algorithms Fall, Spring, Summer
CSCI 3112 HCC Professional Development Fall
CSCI 3155 Principles of Programming Languages Fall, Spring
CSCI 3202 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Fall, Spring
CSCI 3287 Design & Analysis of Data Systems Fall, Spring
CSCI 3302 Introduction to Robotics Fall
CSCI 3308 Software Development Methods & Tools Fall, Spring
CSCI 3434 Theory of Computation Fall
CSCI 3656 Numerical Computation Spring
CSCI 3702 Cognitive Science Fall
CSCI 3753 Design & Analysis of Operating Systems Fall, Spring
CSCI 4113 Linix Systems Administration Fall, Spring
CSCI 4229 Computer Graphics Fall
CSCI 4239 Advanced Computer Graphics Spring
CSCI 4253 Datacenter Scale Computing Fall
CSCI 4302 / 5302 Advanced Robotics Spring
CSCI 4308 Software Engineering Project 1 Fall
CSCI 4314 Algorithms for Molecular Biology Spring
CSCI 4318 Software Engineering Project 2 Spring
CSCI 4328 Software Project Management & Mentoring Fall
CSCI 4338 Software Project Management Fall
CSCI 4348 Entrepreneurial Projects 1 Fall
CSCI 4358 Entrepreneurial Projects 2 Spring
CSCI 4413 Security & Ethical Hacking Sporadic
CSCI 4446 / 5446 Chaotic Dynamics Spring
CSCI 4448 / 5448 Object-Oriented Analysis & Design Fall, Spring
CSCI 4502 Data Mining Spring
CSCI 4555 Compiler Construction Sporadic
CSCI 4576 High-Performance Scientific Computing Fall
CSCI 4593 Computer Organization Spring
CSCI 4753 Computer Performance Modeling Sporadic
CSCI 4809 Computer Animation Fall, Spring
CSCI 5254 Convex Optimization and Its Applications  
CSCI 5283 Wireless Technologies and Applications N/A
CSCI 5352 Network Analysis and Modeling Fall
CSCI 5454 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Sporadic
CSCI 5535 Fundamentals of Programming Languages  
CSCI 5576 High-Performance Scientific Computing Fall
CSCI 5622 Machine Learning Fall, Spring
CSCI 5636 Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations  
CSCI 5817 Database Systems Fall, Spring
CSCI 5822 Probalistic Models  
CSCI 5828 Foundations of Software Engineering  
CSCI 5922 Neural Networks and Deep Learning  
INFO 4602 / 5602 Information Visualization N/A
INFO 4871 / 5871 Experience Design in Ubiquitous Computing N/A
CSCI 7000 Algorithmic Human-Robot Interaction  
CSCI 7000 / LING 7800 Computational Lexical Semantics