The Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate program's Affiliate Faculty come from multiple fields and across domains. They help create this unique opportunity for graduate students to engage in interdisciplinarity, collaboration, and creativity. 

Mark Amerika, Art and Art History (Arts and Sciences) and lntermedia Art, Writing and Performance (CMCI)
Susan Windisch Brown, Linguistics (Arts and Scienes)
Jed Brubaker, Information (CMCI)
Robin Burke, Information (CMCI)
Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara, Center for Research Data and Digital Scholarship (University Libraries)
Lori Emerson, English (Arts and Sciences) and lntermedia Art, Writing and Performance (CMCI)
Steven Frost, Media Studies (CMCI)
David Glimp, English (Arts and Sciences)
Laurie Gries, Program for Writing and Rhetoric (Arts and Sciences) and Communication (CMCI)
Vilja Hulden, History (Arts and Sciences)
Morteza Karimzadeh, Geography (Arts and Sciences)
Stefan Leyk, Geography (Arts and Sciences)

Thea Lindquist, Center for Research Data and Digital Scholarship (University Libraries)
Henry Lovejoy, History (Arts and Sciences)
Suzanne Magnanini, French & Italian (Arts and Sciences)
Annie Margaret, ATLAS Institute
Élika Ortega, Spanish & Portuguese (Arts and Sciences)
Kathleen M. Ryan, Journalism (CMCI)
Sarah Stanford-McIntyre, Herbst Program for Engineering, Ethics & Society (Engineering)
Marcos Steuernagel, Theater and Dance (Arts and Sciences)
Joel Swanson, ATLAS Institute and Herbst Program Engineering, Ethics & Society (Engineering)
Roshanna Sylvester, Critical Media Practices (CMCI) and Herbst Program for Engineering, Ethics & Society (Engineering)
Eric Vance, Applied Mathematics (Arts and Sciences)
Phoebe Young, History (Arts and Sciences)