The Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate welcomes students from all disciplines, including the humanities and arts, social sciences, natural sciences, computational and mathematical sciences, engineering, and communication, media, and information science. The certificate prepares students to: 

  • create, utilize, and evaluate digital methods and tools for research
  • integrate them into their teaching
  • assess the diverse impacts of technologies on people and society
  • leverage digital technologies for public outreach and engagement 

Through an interdisciplinary curriculum, the certificate provides graduate students from across campus the opportunity to explore the evolution and variety of Digital Humanities theories and practices and to study approaches in the field in-depth. Moreover, the certificate is intended to stimulate collaborations among graduate students in a range of fields, thus preparing them for work in a team-based environment.

Certificate Requirements

The certificate consists of course requirements only, at least nine credit hours at the graduate level with an average GPA of 3.0 (B) or better:

1. Three credit hours in the following core course, which is designed to provide the theoretical and practical foundations for research directions in the Digital Humanities:

DHUM 5000: Introduction to Digital Humanities: Movements, Methods, and Tools

2. Two additional courses selected from the approved course list in consultation with the Certificate Director: Elective Courses List

At least one of the three courses applying to the certificate must be outside of the student's home department or program.


All graduate students in good standing at CU Boulder may apply to earn a Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities. After an initial advising meeting with the Certificate Director, students must let her know that they intend to complete the certificate (a short email suffices). Once a student has completed the requirements for the certificate, they should fill out the Certificate Completion Worksheet and send it per the instructions on the form. (Note: the worksheet can be sent anytime after the student completes the certificate requirements and grades for all courses counting towards it are in. Also, the certificate can be awarded before the student completes their graduate program. Deadlines are on the Registrar's certificates page.) Once the Certificate Director has approved the worksheet, the Registrar's Office will add the certificate to the student's official record.

Certificate Forms and Links

For more information, please consult our FAQs or contact Thea Lindquist, Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate Director / Executive Director, Center for Research Data & Digital Scholarship.