By the Numbers

The DHGC is an interdisciplinary certificate program open to all CU Boulder graduate students. The certificate fosters computational and digital approaches to humanities inquiry and/or the development of humanities perspectives on technology.

5 Areas of Emphasis

  • Computational methods
  • Multimodal presentation
  • Critical digital studies
  • Programming/building
  • Data literacy skills

Courses and Faculty

  • 1 core course: DHUM 5000: Introduction to Digital Humanities
  • 48 elective courses to choose from in 17 departments and programs across CU, including: 
    • College of Arts & Sciences, ATLAS Institute, CMCI, College of Engineering and Applied Science, and Center for Research Data & Digital Scholarship
  • 22 affiliate faculty from 5 CU colleges, schools, and interdisciplinary institutes, who teach elective courses and can guide capstones

Student Experiences

Jenna Gersie, CU English PhD Candidate

The certificate opened up opportunities for cross-disciplinary work and allowed me the opportunity to meet colleagues in other departments, which is really valuable at such a large university.

stack of print newspapers
Greg Gondwe, Assistant Professor, Communication, CSUSB | CU Journalism PhD

The certificate taught me basic analytical skills that helped me complete my doctoral dissertation with great confidence [and] was helpful in finding a job, because it presented me as possessing unique skill sets that most applicants did not have.

Wendy Norris, Assistant Professor, Social Computing, Nazareth College | CU Information Science PhD

During my job search, the DH certificate was highly prized by liberal arts colleges' computer science departments that were seeking interdisciplinary collaborations. I was told by the…search committee that the certificate was a crucial tipping point in my candidacy and was very advantageous in negotiating my current position.

scribbles on wall
Joe Hatfield, Assistant Professor, Communication, University of Arkansas | CU Communication PhD

Each of the three courses I completed to obtain the DH certificate were immensely beneficial to my dissertation research. … I really enjoyed my time in courses that contributed to the DH certificate, and I still use much of what I learned in them.

table with books and laptop
Eva Danayanti, Founder, DH Indonesia | CU Journalism MA

DH has inspired me to initiate a DH community in Indonesia through journalists' networks and communication/journalism communities in Indonesia. ...My certificate as DH specialization was the major factor for me to get this achievement.

code on screen
Brandon Daniels, CU Communication PhD Candidate

The certificate opened up a world of tools and methods that transformed my research agenda. It also introduced me to a community of scholars that are exploring the principles and ethics associated with digital research, which is an essential resource for anyone interested in the role of technology in society.

Kate Sedor, CU English MFA Candidate

 DHUM 5000 was so helpful in allowing me to break out of the boxes we often find ourselves in as academics (and even as creatives). The ability to do cross-disciplinary work, with colleagues I never would have met if I hadn't taken the class, forced me to re-examine my own conceptions of what "counts" as art. I'm grateful to have been given the space to explore how DH can apply to my own work, and to celebrate creative expression in a completely new way.