In addition to the core course, DHUM 5000, students can choose two elective courses from the following list to complete the certificate. Once you have identified courses you are interested in, you can consult CU Class Search to see if they are offered next semester or see when they have been offered in the past.

If you would like to petition for an elective, fill out the Course Substitution Request form. Include all the information you can, including a syllabus if available. Petitions will be reviewed by the Certificate Faculty Committee at least once a semester.

Faculty interested in proposing elective courses can send a syllabus to the Certificate Director. Proposed courses will be reviewed by the Certificate Faculty Committee.

Course List

Course Number Course Title
ARTS 5097 Special Topics: Remix Culture
ARTS 5316/
IAWP 6700
Graduate History and Theory of Digital Arts
ATLS 5040 Game Design
ATLS 5120 Mobile Application Development
ATLS 5214 Big Data Architecture
ATLS 5244 Empathy and Technology
ATLS 5410 Creative Technologies
ATLS 5440 Design Studio
ATLS 5519 Advanced Special Topics in Technology, Arts, and Media: Wearable Technologies
ATLS 5529 Advanced Special Topics: Critical Perspectives in Technology: Neurohacking
ATLS 5529 Advanced Special Topics: Critical Perspectives in Technology: The State of Technology: Technology and Wicked Problems
ATLS 5630 Web Front-End Development
CMDP 7100 Historical Overview of Media Arts and Technology
CMDP 7200 Research and Methodologies I
CMDP 7500 Production Methods
COMM 5720* Readings in Communications and Technology
COMM 6200 Seminar: Selected Topics: Digital Rhetoric
CSCI 5352 Network Analysis and Modeling
CSPB 4502 (same as CSCI 5502) Data Mining
CSCI 5832/
LING 5832
Natural Language Processing
ENGL 5549 Studies in Special Topics 2: Computational Literary Study: Debates and Methods
GEOG 5043

Advanced Geovisualization and Web Mapping

GEOG 5103 Geographic Information Science: Spatial Analytics
GEOG 5203 Geographic Information Science: Modeling Applications
GEOG 5403 Geographic Information Science: Space Time Analytics
GEOG 5603 GIS in the Social and Natural Sciences
HIST 6790 Readings in Digital History
IAWP 6100 Theory and Practice of Doing
IAWP 6800 Intermedia Seminar: Media archaeology, returned and reimagined
INFO 5501 Open Collaboration
INFO 5502 Online Communities
INFO 5504 Digital Identity
INFO 5506 Investigations in Information Science: Online Fandom
INFO 5507 Investigations in Information Science: Data and the Humanities
INFO 5601 Mastery in Information Science: Ethical & Policy Dimensions of Information Technology
INFO 5602 Mastery in Information Science: Information Visualization
INFO 5604 Mastery in Information Science: Applied Machine Learning
INFO 5613 Network Science
INFO 5871 Special Topics: Social Media Data Mining
INFO 6301 Computation for Research In Information Science
JRNL 5001 Media Technology Bootcamp
JRNL 5344

Video Documentary Production

JRNL 5521 Data Journalism
JRNL 5562 Digital Journalism
LING 5200 Computational Corpus Linguistics
MDST 5001 Connected Media Practices
PSCI 7185 Political Network Analysis
STAT 5680 Statistical Collaboration
STAT 5700 Philosophical and Ethical Issues in Statistics
WRTG 5050* Graduate Studies in Writing and Rhetoric: Digital Visual Methodologies
WRTG 5050* Graduate Studies in Writing and Rhetoric: Digital Research and Pedagogy

* Courses taught by Laurie Gries only.