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In 1896, the colleges and universities in the United States adopted a uniform code governing academic dress and all graduates from the University of Colorado wear black gowns. Those who are receiving a master’s or doctoral degree from the University of Colorado wear satin lined hoods with the university colors, silver and gold. The velvet border of the hood indicates the degree and master's graduates wear a black cap with a black tassel, while the doctorate graduates have a gold bullion tassel attached to their tam.  

The Oxford cap, usually referred to as a mortarboard, has a long tassel that is fastened by a button on the top. Candidates for baccalaureate degrees wear the tassel pendant over the right front of the cap before the degree is conferred, and over the left thereafter. The color of the tassel on the bachelor’s cap indicates the field of study, with the exception of the Bachelor of Science degrees from the College of Arts & Sciences, whose candidates wear white tassels.

The University of Colorado Boulder welcomes Native American and Indigenous students and their families to wear and display traditional Native American or Indigenous regalia at graduation. Regalia might include accessories such as beads, jewelry, feathers or leis and clothes, blankets and footwear. Only enrolled members of a federally recognized tribe should wear or possess eagle feathers.

Tassels and Hoods

Tassel Colors

Master's Hood Velvet Colors

Doctoral Hood Velvet Colors

Arts & Sciences: White Arts: White Audiology: Green
Business: Blue Business: Sapphire Blue Engineering: Dark Blue
Education: Light Blue Education: Light Blue Law (Juris Doctor): Purple
Engineering: Orange  Engineering: Orange  Musical Arts: Pink
Environmental Design: Lavender Environmental Design: Blue Violet (Lavender) Philosophy (PhD): Dark Blue
Fine Arts: Brown Fine Arts: Brown  
Media, Communication & Information: Red Law: Purple  
​Music: Pink Library Science: Lemon Yellow  
Master's:  Black Media, Communication & Information: Crimson  
Doctoral: Gold Bullion Music: Pink  
  ​Science: Gold  

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Academic Honors Medals

Academic Honor

Ribbon Color

With Distinction Royal Blue
With High Distinction Burgundy
With Honors White
With High Honors Light Blue
With Highest Honors Pink
Cum Laude Green
Magna Cum Laude Red
Summa Cum Laude Dark Purple

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