Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Education Abroad (EA) provides CU Boulder students access to an extensive portfolio of high impact programs abroad and within the U.S. to promote academic, personal, and professional growth in a safe environment. Education Abroad inspires students to become global leaders in a culturally diverse world. EA provides extensive support to students throughout the process, from finding the right program that will meet a student's personal, academic, and financial needs, to providing health and safety support and resources while the student is abroad, to providing tips and resources on how to leverage their experience into a career-building opportunity when they return. 

CU Boulder Education Abroad offers a robust list of over 400 approved programs for students to choose from that have all been carefully evaluated and vetted by the Education Abroad Committee. With several thousand programs of varying quality in existence, EA chooses to restrict our approved list so that we can provide high-quality advising on each of the programs we offer. We also do this to ensure that the academics, student services, and health and safety of each program meets standards set by the Forum on Education Abroad, and to be able to conduct routine program evaluations. EA consistently reviews its list of approved programs to ensure it is offering high-quality and varied program options in terms of courses offered, overall cost, scholarship opportunities, and student experience.