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COVID-19 UPDATE (Fall 2020) 

Matt McQueen, Director of the Public Health Certificate Program is part of the CU Boulder Pandemic Response Office to assist the campus navigate the pandemic. 


As the world becomes more interconnected, our communities and populations face increasingly complex health challenges emerging through the interaction of individual vulnerability and behavior, cultural and social factors, environmental and geographic influences as well as economic and political dynamics. Addressing these public health challenges requires innovative approaches arising from multiple disciplines.


The undergraduate certificate in Public Health encourages students to extend the breadth of their undergraduate education to include elements of public health. Students are encouraged to take courses from a variety of participating departments to develop an appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of public health. Please explore the links to learn more about the public health program at CU Boulder.

Contact us

  • Matt McQueen, By Appointment 
  • Gay Lynn Olsen, For a Zoom appointment, please email me with your availability on Mondays/Wednesdays.  

Gay Lynn Olsen, Associate Director,

Gay Lynn Olsen, RN, ND
Associate Director, Public Health Program
Instructor, Departments of Geography and Integrative Physiology

Matt McQueen, Director, 

Matt McQueen, Sc.D.
Director, Public Health Program
Associate Professor, Department of Integrative Physiology
Faculty Fellow, Institute for Behavioral Genetics (IBG)
Faculty Associate, Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS)