Spring 2024 CUSG Preliminary Elections Results - Click Here

The University of Colorado Student Government, or CUSG for short, is the official governing and representative body of the nearly 36,000 students at CU Boulder. As the most autonomous student government in the nation, CUSG is responsible for allocating over $34 million in student fees to improve the lives of all CU students.

The primary objective of CUSG is to serve students wherever possible. CUSG seeks to make a meaningful impact on the lives of CU Boulder students by

  • Funding student organizations and clubs
  • Passing legislation to better the lives of students
  • Representing the student voice on joint boards
  • Overseeing facilities

CUSG is part of the University of Colorado's system of shared governance, where leaders from Boulder Faculty Assembly, Staff Council, and the Graduate and Professional Student Government provide input to the strategic priorities of the Chancellor.