What is CU Student Government?

CU Student Government is the elected officials of the students, by the students, and for the students. Twice a year candidates from every corner of the political spectrum vie for your vote around campus and online. Because of the frequency of elections, the student government can promise to be working in the best interests of the 25,000 undergraduates and 5,000 graduate students they represent here in Boulder.

The CU Student Government does a lot that affects every student on a daily basis. CU Student Governments primary responsibility is managing approximately $22 million in student fees every year and voting on its allocation and implementation throughout our various Resources. CU Student Government also helps student groups get funding through the Student Organization Allocation Committee (SOAC)

Additionally, CU Student Government lobbies on behalf of students for tuition assistance and cost mitigation at the Colorado capitol, speaks at Boulder City Council meetings, fosters a dialogue between student opinions and the Chancellor, and makes sure that students have a direct channel to make their thoughts and opinions heard.

CU Student Government is an active force of highly motivated, driven student leaders fighting for your best interests all throughout your college experience. This is not your high school student government. CU Student Government has the power to affect real change through legislation, task forces, and initiatives.

One of the main responsibilities of CU Student Government is to direct student fees towards buildings and services that students utilize the most. CU Student Government works with Cost Centers to make sure they are maximizing their services at the lowest cost to students through budgeting cycles and frequent interaction with them.

Additionaly, within CU Student Government there is a system of Student Boards whose purpose is to set and administer student fee policy within priorities established by the Legislative Council. These boards are the first line of communication with CU Student Government to ensure student services are running efficiently.