Mike Morrison in Disneyland pirate scene

The Sentinel

There's more to Disneyland than meets the eye. Mike Morrison sees it all. Sometimes in a wetsuit.

Illustration of states and laptop computer

Mega Giga Tera Boom!

At CU, Computer Science goes mainstream and big-time.

Closeup of bee

The Bee Counters

Colorado has one of the nation's most diverse bee fauna. An army of volunteers is helping CU scientists track hundreds of front range species.

Chauncey Billups in parking lot

Mr. Big Shot

Chauncey Billups, hoops hero and family man, comes home to Colorado.

Colorado Rockies

’90s Replay

For 50 years, CU-Boulder business analysts have produced a widely anticipated Colorado economic forecast. Lately, what they see looks a lot like the flourishing 1990s.


Suzanne Heintz poses with dummy "husband" and "daughter" at the University Memorial Center fountains

Now – October 8, 2014

Suzanne Heintz (DistSt’87) totes her family everywhere. Yes, it’s a family of mannequins. What of it?

Tuba player in the CU Marching Band

Inside the Cover: CU Marching Band

The CU Marching Band during Back to Boulder Homecoming Weekend in October.

Artist's rendering of Mars crater wet vs. dry

Inquiry: Mars MAVEN

A NASA mission to Mars led by CU-Boulder and Bruce Jakosky of CU’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) is gathering data expected to answer long-standing questions about how and why the Red Planet has changed over the eons.

Justice Antonin Scalia

At CU-Boulder, Supreme Court’s Scalia Flashes Spirit (But Shows Restraint)

Calls his originalist view of constitution “Tough Row to Hoe”

Kordell Stewart

Paul Danish: Jumping for Joy

I can recall literally jumping for joy only two times in my adult life.

NYC's Central Park

In NYC’s Central Park, CU Scientists Find Microbe Melting Pot

Iconic park’s soil hosts organisms also found in less hospitable environments

Campus News Briefs – Winter 2014

bikes in a row

Look: Bikes

Boulder knows cyclists: Andy Hampsten, Tyler Hamilton, Ted King and the Phinney family have all blazed down the local roads and trails.

CU Opera performance

And May the Divas Sing!

Endowment for College of Music’s opera program will support three operas a year and “more artistic risks.”

1886 Commencement program image

Origins: Co-Education at CU

Many of America’s first universities were centuries old by the time they admitted women. At CU-Boulder co-education began early — with the Tyler sisters.

International Enrollment infographic

Infographic: International Enrollment

By 2016, CU-Boulder expects 10 percent of all students to come from outside the United States, up from 7 percent now, a record high.

100th Homecoming

They came from New York and Chicago, Houston and Denver, Washington state and the coast of Maine.

Lego Ralphie

CU-Boulder, Lego Version

The CU Heritage Center has cleared space for a detailed LEGO model of campus replete with iconic campus buildings, the Flatirons and University Hill.

Philip P. DiStefano

Q&A with the Chancellor: Philip P. DiStefano – Winter 2014

Our international student enrollments have grown by nearly 60 percent in four years to 2,152 degree-seeking students.

Anne Kelly

CU to Host Star-Studded Pac-12 Women’s Golf Meet

Conference’s top golfers to play at Boulder.

Nelson Spruce catching football

Sports Briefs – Winter 2014

Sarah Lautman

Sports Q&A: Sarah Lautman

Last spring Sarah Lautman (Engr’15), a chemical and biological engineering major from Massachusetts, joined the women’s lacrosse team as a walk-on — and came up big during the team’s inaugural season, scoring game-winning overtime goals three times.

Seana Steffen

Profile: Seana Steffen

Seana Steffen (PhDSoc’02) is making the world a better place one business at a time.

Christopher Meloni

Actor Christopher Meloni

With his steely blue eyes, sculpted Italian features and brawny physique, let’s just say actor Christopher Meloni (Hist’83) doesn’t have much to worry about in the looks department.

Timmye Pollard and Ted Pollard

Profile: Timmye Pollard

When Timmye Pollard (CivEngr’46) and the late Ted Pollard (CivEngr’49) were immersed in a structural design project, they often passed ideas to each other at dinner — drawn on napkins, of course.

Ralphie and handlers streak across Folsom Field during the 100th Homecoming game

Social Buffs – Winter 2014

Skiers at Chautauqua Mesa Ski Area

Then – January 1949

For a short time, still within memory for some Baby Boomers, Boulder had its own ski run: Chautauqua Mesa Ski Area operated from 1949-52 and in 1962.