Published: Dec. 1, 2014

Suzanne Heintz poses with dummy "husband" and "daughter" at the University Memorial Center fountains

Suzanne Heintz (DistSt’87) totes her family everywhere. Yes, it’s a family of mannequins. What of it?

For 14 years the artist has posed in photographs with a dummy “husband” and “daughter” in places far from Boulder (Paris) and squarely in it (the University Memorial Center fountains, pictured).

She aims to challenge social conventions — that women should marry and raise a family, for instance. Her project, “Life Once Removed,” depicts her “family” in everyday situations — celebrating holidays, taking a vacation, getting ready in the morning. “I want my work to change the misperceptions and feelings that trap us,” she told the CU-Boulder Arts & Sciences magazine.

Heintz, of Denver, visited campus in October to meet with students, family in tow.

Photo courtesy Suzanne Heintz