Mount Everest

When Everest Speaks

Mountaineer Neal Beidleman survived the 1996 Mount Everest tragedy that left eight climbers dead. Upon his return this year he found some peace.

twin buff fans

Shoulder to Shoulder

Cheering on players amid sun, rain, snow and bitter cold, twins Betty Fitzgerald Hoover and Peggy Fitzgerald Coppom may hold the record for attending the most CU sports games ever.

Gameshow seats

Changing the Face of Television

One of Hollywood’s pioneers in reality TV, Howard Schultz bares all about his hits like Extreme Makeover and Moment of Truth.

How did World War II fuel a surge in opportunities for women?

WWII - Women at War

How did World War II fuel a surge in opportunities for women?

parent and student outside dorm

Parent Power

What you need to know to talk to your college-age student and why you still matter.

valenzuela and grandfather

What Every Politician Should Know

A study explains how language barriers can affect voters in Colorado.

elderly bike riders

Exercising to Remember

For those looking for another reason to get out and exercise, a CU-Boulder study reveals that just a little physical exercise can help protect us from long-term memory loss in old age.


macky auditorium

Take One Capsule and Wait 100 Years

On Oct. 11, university officials filled a time capsule with contemporary items and placed it in the Macky cornerstone to be reopened in 100 years.

journalism school sign

Journalism Program Easing Into New Direction

Beginning in the spring, CU-Boulder students studying journalism as a major will be required to undertake an additional course of study under the new Journalism Plus program.

williams village north dorm

5 Interesting Things About Will Vill North

Don’t let Williams Village’s 1960s architecture fool you into thinking the complex is stuck in yesteryear.

drawing of anxious woman

Desperately Seeking Soothing

There are many ways of dealing with anxiety or emotional pain, but one of the least understood is self-injury, says CU-Boulder sociology professor Patti Adler.

lokalite poster

From Classroom to Cash Flow

Have a problem? Start an innovative tech-based business to fix it, say some CU-Boulder entrepreneurial students and young alumni who have started companies to help pay their tuition.

view of the flatirons

For Whom the Road Tolls

Paul Danish's Winter 2011 column.

cu buffaloes logo

By the Numbers - Winter 2011

Significant sports statistics from the Winter 2011 issue.

elementary school students at buffs game

Test Your Buff Knowledge - Winter 2011

Buff related trivia from the Winter 2011 issue.

coach embree

First and Long for Embree

Like Bill McCartney experienced while coaching Jon Embree, Embree began his head coaching career at Colorado with one win in his first nine games.

cu pac 12 teams with poster

Buffs Capture First Ever Pac-12 Titles

The cross country teams won the first ever Pac-12 Conference titles in any sport, sweeping the men’s and women’s races in October.

mike bohn

Q&A with Mike Bohn

Hired in spring 2005, Mike Bohn has had an eventful tenure as athletic director.


It Is What It Is

This innovative nose guard patented in 1891 by S. J. Cumnock of Lowell, Mass., was intended to protect the nose, forehead and mouth of a person playing football or a similar sport.

fork and knife

Five Favored Boulder Restaurants

Four favorite restaurants in Boulder as well as other activities to do around town.

Alan Cass

Alan Cass

Fourth-generation CU alum Alan Cass grew up on campus playing in the ditches and fishing for crawdads in Varsity Lake with strung bacon.

kelly green

Kelly Heffer Green

In a largely male-dominated industry, Kelly is the third-generation owner and chairman of Birko, which manufactures concentrated chemicals and equipment used in the meat processing, food and beverage industries.

morgan heim

Morgan Heim

With creative fundraising and social media savvy, Morgan Heim is forging a path through the jungle of modern journalism and hopes to save a few species along the way.

cartouche for in memoriam

In Memoriam - Winter 2011

Forever Buffs who have passed away.

herding cattle

Herding Cattle

A featured photo from the winter 2011 issue.


Center Spread - Chautauqua

The center spread from the winter 2011 issue.

david getches

Letters - Winter 2011

Letters to the editor for the winter 2011 issue.