Published: Dec. 1, 2011

Beginning in the spring, CU-Boulder students studying journalism as a major will be required to undertake an additional course of study under the new Journalism Plus program.

The program’s aim is to give students focused experience in a specific discipline that will enhance their professional work. Journalism majors will be required to complete 28 hours in a journalism discipline, along with 30-36 hours in a chosen field of study. Journalism Plus is being developed in the wake of the university’s discontinuance of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication in June.

In addition, a steering committee and eight discussion groups, made up of faculty from diverse fields, are taking steps toward creating a school or college in information, communication, journalism, media and technology (ICJMT). The steering committee will submit a report in May 2012 of CU-Boulder’s formal plan for a new school, college or network of research centers and institutes.