snow scene

Climate Crusade

What is extreme skier Chris Davenport doing in the halls of Congress? He’s trying to save the $67 billion winter sports industry.

lela rose

A Passion for Fashion

From designing dresses for actresses Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer to outfitting Jenna and Barbara Bush, Lela Rose finds herself succeeding in a fashion industry that is often fickle and fiercely competitive.

sleepy baby

The Secret to a Happy Child

Skipping naps might not be a good idea, says CU-Boulder sleep researcher Monique LeBourgeois whose research suggests long-term loss of sleep can heighten a toddler’s anxiety.

ken jackson on a horse

Horseback House Calls

Ken Jackson commutes eight miles down the Grand Canyon by horse to deliver prenatal care to Native American women.

phil lobel

Creating Star Power

Ever since, Lobel has broadened the scope of his company’s work to include corporate and nonprofit clients, but his formula remains the same — to identify the relevant news story about his client that will entice the media to cover him or her.

tin tin su

Flying in the Face of Cancer

Cancer is the country’s No. 2 killer, following heart disease. Professor Tin Tin Su is working to develop powerful new tools in the fight against the deadly disease.

wind farm

Reaping the Wind

Wind power? Big deal. Really, really big deal, in fact. Consider that scientists are now pondering construction of leviathan, 20-megawatt wind turbines some 190 meters high — basically two football fields — with swooping 125-meter rotor blades.


pie chart of grant funding

It's Not All Rocket Science

CU-Boulder was awarded an astonishing $359 million in research funding in 2011. It is the No. 1 NASA-funded public university.

historic buckle from alaska

Ancient Arctic Accessory Appears

While excavating a 1,000-year-old seaside house in Alaska’s Seward Peninsula, researchers led by CU-Boulder made a startling discovery.

Forever Buffs legacy cord

Forever Buff Families in a Cord

As part of the Forever Buffs initiative, the CU-Boulder Alumni Association began a new tradition by providing “legacy cords” to graduating students whose family members are CU alums.

cu boulder campus

Clearing the Air About 4/20

Having thousands of people arrive on campus for events enables the university to showcase its best. Yet there is one unofficial event attracting thousands of people the university and many of its students would love to extinguish.

lady smoking cartoon

Still Smoking? Blame Your Parents

Know someone struggling to quit smoking? Tell her to blame genetics, say CU-Boulder researchers who led a study on twins and smoking.

smart phone cartoon

Online Dating Too Revealing?

A significant number of online dating sites may reveal more personal information than users realize, according to research done by CU business professor Kai Larsen and his students last fall.

dalton trumbo

Hollywood Screenwriter Vindicated

Audrey Hepburn’s role as a headstrong princess leads her to fall in love in the 1953 movie Roman Holiday. But screenwriter Dalton Trumbo’s relationship with the film was seemingly nonexistent as he was excluded from its credits until this year.

Joe romig

Head-Banging at Old CU

Columnist Paul Danish discusses traumatic head injuries with All-American guard/linebacker and Rhodes Scholar, Joe Romig.

CU peace corps group photo with children

Buffs No. 1 in Peace Corps, Again!

What do 112 CU-Boulder alums have in common? They are all Peace Corps volunteers who helped CU-Boulder become first in the nation for the second consecutive year in Peace Corps participation.

pregame photo

From the President

Bruce Benson's column from the spring 2012 issue.

cu lacross logo

Cradling a New Sport

In January athletic director Mike Bohn announced the addition of women’s lacrosse that will begin varsity play in the 2013-14 academic year.

jay humphries

Test Your Buff Knowledge - Spring 2012

When was the last time three former CU players were on NBA regular-season rosters at the same time, and who were the players involved?

danny sanchez

Sanchez Takes Soccer Reins

After having just two head coaches in the 16 seasons of the women’s soccer program, CU hired Danny Sanchez, who led Denver’s Metro State to two Division II national titles and has spent the last four years at Wyoming.

CU vs california students on court

Hoopsters Shoot Above Expectation

CU’s basketball teams were predicted to finish tied for 10th and 11th in their first seasons in the Pac-12. But the Buffs weren’t falling into line at the beginning of conference play.

Richard Rokos

Q&A with Richard Rokos

Richard Rokos became head coach of the ski team almost 22 years ago, making him the “dean” of current Buff head coaches. The Czech native went into the 2012 season having led CU to six national titles.

new buildings on campus map

Finding Yourself on Campus

It’s hard to keep track of all our new academic and administrative buildings in this era of major construction that rivals the expansion during the 1960s.

Pan Am bag

The Times Were a Changin'

The campus climate in 1962 was one of controversy and turmoil amid debates over academic freedom, editorial independence of the student press and a recruiting scandal. Here are some highlights.

elly goetz and child

Elly Goetz

Elly Goetz learned the importance of investing in herself and others while growing up. Her parents often took in children whose families needed help and taught her to invest her own resources to help others get what they needed.

son nam nguyen

Son Nam Nguyen

One of Son Nam Nguyen’s childhood memories is collecting cans off the inner-city streets of Denver to sell for cash when he was 10.

John David and Dan

Advanced Systems Group

John Murphy, David Sosnowski and Dan Park moved to Kittredge in 1973 finding they shared a passion for skiing and adventure, interests that would serve as a foundation for their friendship and formation of a multimillion-dollar business.


In Memoriam - Spring 2012

Forever Buffs who have passed away.


Letters - Spring 2012

Letters to the editor for the Spring 2012 issue of the Coloradan.