Chris with Iron Man, Centered

Life as a Chalk Artist

Chris Carlson's art will rise up and grab you. Chalk it up to an open mind.

Warren County Protests without background

Environmental Justice For All

Low-income and minority families still bear the brunt of toxic pollutants. Jill Harrison wants to know why.

mark kennedy

Hello, I'm Mark Kennedy

CU's new president, a former congressman who later led the University of North Dakota, talks about his small-town youth, the future of work and his vision for CU.

Collage of music sheets

The Sound of Silent Film

Rodney Sauer bought a cultural treasure sight unseen — a vast trove of silent film-era musical scores. Then he gave it all away.

Cu's campus

CU Boulder's Roof Tiles Are a Campus Staple

From up close and from miles away, CU Boulder's red-orange tile rooftops signal it's no ordinary place.

professor holding a skeleton

The Fine-Tuned Musician

Making music is a physical pursuit. The CU Music Wellness Program helps performers stay fit.

Tom Garfinkel

Tom Garfinkel Is Made for Miami

Tom Garfinkel, a big success in the business of the NFL, proves a Buffalo can become a Dolphin.


Child in mask at CU

NOW — Summer 2019

If it’s icky, slimy or smelly, it’s fair game.

megaphone illustration

When the Government Speaks

Colorado Law professor Helen Norton examines the nature, complexities and limits of government expression — including whether the president may block you on Twitter.

man with ice block


CU researchers will join a year-long Arctic expedition to study the changing Earth from an icebound ship

Sewall Hall

Sewall of Sewall Hall

On Sept. 5, 1877, the day CU opened, Joseph Sewall was on the steps of Old Main to shake every hand.

adam bradley

What's in My Phone: Adam Bradley

English professor Adam Bradley is the author of The Poetry of Pop and co-author of The New York Times bestseller One Day It’ll All Make Sense, the 2012 memoir of rapper and actor Common.

space mining

Mining for Gold in Space

A metal-extracting bacterium could change mining as we know it.


Campus News Briefs — Fall 2019

Super microscope, Buff Stampede beer and nail salon hazards

calling cards

Artifact — Visiting Cards

Visiting cards, also known as calling cards, were popular among both men and women in the 19th century.

dorm room view

21st-Century Residence Hall

In August, more than 700 CU Boulder students moved into the university’s newest and largest residence hall, Williams Village East.


How Tulagi Got Its Start

During winter break 1971, around Christmas, a disheveled band took the Tulagi’s stage on The Hill. The heater was broken, the club was frigid, the crowd was small. One of the musicians strummed a banjo in gloves.

climbing infographic

Rock Stars

CU Boulder’s backyard, a natural playground of canyons and rock faces, draws and inspires rock climbers from around the world, including many Buffs.


Coloradan Updates Its Circulation Policy

Changes affect recent undergraduate alumni and graduate alumni of all years.

Aerospace Building

Up, Up and Away

The Ann and H.J. Smead Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences includes a bioastronautics lab, a payload operations center with a real-time communications link to the International Space Station and an indoor drone testing space.

chancellor distefano

What Keeps the Chancellor Up at Night?

The mental health and wellness of our students.


It's a Woman's World

Animated by a team trip to Europe during the World Cup, CU soccer has enthusiasm to burn.

CU golfer

Sports Briefs — Fall 2019

CU Women's Track and Field, Golf and more.

Mel Tucker

Interview with Buffs Coach Mel Tucker

First-year head football coach Mel Tucker talks about clean slates, preparing to win and “turning it loose” at Folsom Field.

Linda Sasser

Brain Health

Linda Sasser researched memory as a CU doctoral student and built a career as a national speaker helping people improve their brain health and strengthen their memory power.

kent holsinger

High to Low

In June, pilot and lawyer Kent Holsinger of Denver set a world flight speed record for the 528-mile route between North America’s highest- and lowest-situated airports.

Lee Knight

The Bull-Riding Musician

Lee Knight of Denver is a front-end software developer by trade, and also a musician, youth minister, choir director — and bull rider.


Wine Absurdities

In 2018, Denver attorney Jordan Lipp wrote Is There Apple Juice in My Wine?: Thirty-Eight Laws that Affect the Wine You Drink, detailing some of the odd, unique and unknown facts about wine.

Bill Brundige


Lynn Baker, Bill Brundige, The Silver & Gold, CU's new president and more.

ralphie cover

Then — May 1911

It wasn’t much to look at, but it was the start of a CU Boulder institution. The first issue of this magazine appeared as The Colorado Alumnus in May 1911.