Published: Oct. 1, 2019 By

Lee Knight

Lee Knight (Art, Mus’14) (formerly known as Breana), 32, of Denver is a front-end software developer by trade, and also a musician, youth minister, choir director — and bull rider.

How many bull competitions do you do?

As an amateur bull rider competing in the International Gay Rodeo Association, I compete from February to October. This year, I was planning to compete in nine rodeos, but due to injury, I was only able to compete in two.

Describe your first ride on a bull.

The only thing I remember was a hard landing.

How do you describe the sport?

The sport requires two athletes, the rider and the bull. Fifty points go to the rider and, most importantly, 50 points go to the bull. When the gate opens and the animal’s shoulder leavesthe chute, that’s when the clock starts and the dance begins. The harder the bull bucks, the higher the score the rider can get.

Do you think you could find a similar thrill?

I’m a licensed skydiver, but those experiences were exhilarating in an entirely different way. It’s my plan to retire into equine polo after bull riding. It is another sport that requires skill, speed and beast!

Talk about your music.

I’m a multi-instrumentalist where my primary instrument is trombone. I play in a number of bands and national touring acts when they come to town, and have my own solo act, Black Wolf Electric.


Photo by Melissa Polk