Published: Sept. 23, 2019

Brewed for Boulder

CU Athletics has taken another bold step in its relentless quest for excellence: It now has its own beer.

Boulder-based Avery Brewing Co., in collaboration with the university, introduced “Stampede” in late August.

The can of the Colorado Gold Lager features an unmistakable rendering of a charging Ralphie by artist Neil Shigley. “Stampede” will be available on game days at Folsom Field and in the CU Events Center. Stores across Colorado and in select U.S. markets will carry it. 

Avery, founded in Boulder in 1993, employs several alumni, including classics lecturer and beer archaeologist Travis Rupp (MClass’10). 


Nail Salon Hazards 

Airborne chemicals in a nail salon are similar to those found in an oil refinery or auto garage, according to CU Boulder research. Scientists discovered high levels of indoor air pollutants, including formaldehyde and benzyne, in all six Colorado nail salons monitored. 

Salon employees can face adverse health effects — including cancer — from the pollutants, the study suggests.

“The study provides some of the first hard evidence that these environments are dangerous for workers and that better policies need to be enacted to protect them,” CU engineer Lupita Montoya, the study’s lead author, told CU Boulder Today.

Heard Around Campus

We continue to find evidence that the Neanderthals were not inferior primitives, but were quite capable of doing things that have traditionally only been attributed to modern humans."

— CU Boulder’s Paola Villa on new research that found Neanderthals used a glue-like substance to stick tool pieces together.