Published: Oct. 1, 2019

The Coloradan occasionally reviews and updates its print circulation policy to ensure we’re producing the optimal number of copies. The latest review has led to several changes, described below, that allow us to remain responsible stewards of natural and financial resources. Please review them, as action may be required.Coloradan

Henceforth, Coloradan magazine will publish in print three times annually instead of four: in fall, winter and spring/summer. It will continue to publish online year-round and will continue to be provided free of charge. Many, but not all, alumni will continue to receive it automatically. Details below.

Undergraduate Alumni

No action is required for undergraduate alumni.

All undergraduate alumni will automatically receive the magazine starting in the sixth year following their CU Boulder commencement (after the fifth anniversary of their commencement). As of today, all undergraduate alumni in class years 2014 and earlier will receive the magazine automatically, provided we have a current postal address. A one-time student fee paid by all undergraduates supports a variety of alumni programs, including career services and the Coloradan.

Graduate and Professional School Alumni

Graduate and professional school alumni must take action to renew their free subscription.

All graduate alumni are invited to register for a free subscription in the sixth year after their commencement (after the fifth anniversary of their commencement). As of today, all graduate and professional school alumni in class years 2014 and earlier are eligible.

To continue receiving the Coloradan, please complete the short webform.

All alumni of all class years will continue to have full, free access to the Coloradan, plus bonus features and a complete PDF of the print magazine online

Illustration by Edel Rodriguez