Wendy Young
Senior Instructor • Associate Chair

Office: JSCBB D1B20
Mailbox: 596 UCB


B.S., University of Notre Dame (1996)
M.S., University of Colorado (1998)
Ph.D., University of Colorado (2002)


  • Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Outstanding Faculty Undergraduate Teaching Award, Boulder, 2012
  • American Institute of Chemists Graduate Award in the Department of Chemical Engineering at CU, Boulder, 2002
  • DoEd Graduate Assistantships in Areas of National Need (GAANN) Fellowships, 1998-1999, 1999-2000, 2000-2001, and 2001-2002
  • Colorado Institute for Research in Biotechnology Fellowship, Fall 2000
  • North American Membrane Society (NAMS) 1997-1998 Fellowship
  • University Fellowship from University of Colorado Graduate School, Boulder, CO, 1996-1997
  • Award Winner in Twelfth Annual Colorado Biotechnology Symposium, Boulder, CO, 1999

Selected Publications:

  • Mores, W.D. and Davis. R.H. (2003) Yeast fouling effects in crossflow microfiltration with periodic reverse filtration, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 42, 130-139.
  • Mores, W.D. and Davis, R.H. (2002) Yeast foulant removal by backpulses in crossflow microfiltration, J. Mem. Sci. 208, 389-404.
  • Mores, W.D. and Davis, R.H. (2002) Direct observation of membrane cleaning via rapid backpulsing, Desalination. 146, 135-140.
  • Mores, W.D. and Davis, R.H. (2001) Direct visual observation of yeast deposition and removal during microfiltration, J. Mem. Sci. 189, 217-230.
  • Mores, W.D., Knutsen, J.S., and Davis, R.H. (2001) Cellulase recovery via membrane filtration, App. Biochem. and Biotech. 91-93, 297-309.
  • Mores, W.D., Bowman, C.N., and Davis, R.H. (2000) Theoretical and experimental flux maximization by optimization of backpulsing, J. Mem. Sci. 165, 225-236.
  • Czekaj, P., Mores, W., Davis, R.H., and Guell, C. (2000) Infrasonic pulsing for foulant removal in crossflow microfiltration, J. Mem. Sci. 180, 157-169.