Janet deGarzia
Teaching Professor Emeritus

Office: JSCBB E1B47
Mailbox: 596 UCB


Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, May 1998, University of Colorado
M.S. in Chemical Engineering, May 1994, University of Colorado
B.A. in Art History, May 1977, Barnard College


  • Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Faculty Mentor Award, 2011
  • Boulder Faculty Assembly Teaching Award, 2010
  • Best Paper, Frontiers in Education Conference, 1999, 2000
  • "Professor Who Makes A Difference", Mechanical Engineering, Spring 2000
  • Sullivan-Carlson Innovation in Teaching Award, Fall 1999
  • Outstanding Part-time Graduate Instructor, University of Colorado, at Boulder, May 1996
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant, Chemical Engineering 1993

Selected Publications

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  • de Grazia, J.L., (2001), "Engineering Workshops for K-12 Schoolteachers, " Proceedings, 2001 Frontiers in Education Conference, paper #1297.
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