Flow chart of next generation solar harvesting

ChBE scientists awarded $2M NSF grant to teach computers to advance more affordable, efficient solar cells

Sept. 26, 2023

A team led by ChBE Professor Hendrik Heinz won a $2 million National Science Foundation award to develop reliable predictive models for hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites, which have the potential to usher in more efficient and affordable solar energy.

Carbon fiber sheet, simulated carbon fiber cross section and models of compressed carbon nanotube assemblies

CU Boulder earns NASA award for developing materials that reduce spaceflight costs

Sept. 6, 2023

Current and former members of University of Colorado Boulder’s Heinz Research Group have earned prestigious NASA Group Achievement Awards for their research centered on designing lightweight, high-strength materials aimed at reducing the costs of spaceflights.

Hendrik Heinz

Learning from pangolins and peacocks: Researchers explore next-gen structural materials

Nov. 29, 2022

In a new review paper, a team of international researchers, including Hendrik Heinz, professor of chemical and biological engineering, have laid out how engineers are taking inspiration from the biological world—and designing new kinds of materials that are potentially tougher, more versatile and more sustainable than what humans can make on their own. Such nature-inspired materials could, one day, lead to new and better solar panels, soft robots and even coatings for hypersonic jets.

Hendrik Heinz

CU Boulder Chemical, Biological Engineering Professor Heinz named Amazon Scholar

Aug. 23, 2022

Professor Hendrik Heinz is the second CU Boulder faculty member chosen for the highly selective Amazon Scholar program.

Hendrik Heinz

Heinz elected as Senior Editor for ACS journal Langmuir, Fellow of the International Association of Advanced Materials

June 17, 2021

Associate Professor Hendrik Heinz earned two prestigious distinctions recently: his election to the Senior Editor position for the ACS journal Langmuir and as a Fellow of the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM).