Charlie Nuttelman
Senior Instructor

Office: JSCBB D220
Mailbox: 596 UCB


B.S., University of Colorado (1999)
M.S., University of Colorado (2001)
Ph.D., University of Colorado (2005)

Online Education

Instructor of the 3-part Specialization "Excel/VBA for Creative Problem Solving" through Coursera.


  • Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Faculty Mentor Award (2011)
  • American Institute of Chemists Graduate Award, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder (2005)
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Recipient (3-year fellowship) (2000)
  • GAANN (Graduate Assistantships in Areas of National Need) Fellowship Recipient from Graduate Program in Macromolecular Chemistry and Engineering, U.S. Department of Education. (2000, 2004)
  • Beverly Sears Graduate Student Grant Recipient (2003)
  • Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant (2000)
  • The Outstanding Senior in Chemical Engineering (1999)
  • Exceptional Undergraduate Research Award (1999)
  • Kazuko Boe Outstanding Junior Award in Chemical Engineering (1998)
  • Westfall Scholarship Winner (1998-99)
  • Donald F. Othmer Sophomore Academic Excellence Award, American Institute of Chemical Engineers (1997)
  • College of Engineering Dean’s List, University of Colorado, 8 Semesters
  • Ranald Fox Memorial Scholarship (1997-98)
  • James H. Cole Scholarship Winner (1996-97)
  • Prager Family Scholarship Winner (1995-96, 1996-97, 1997-98)
  • Regents Scholarship Winner (1995-96)

Selected Publications

  • C.R. Nuttelman, M.A. Rice, A.E. Rydholm, D.N. Shah, and K.S. Anseth. “Macromolecular Monomers for the Synthesis of Hydrogel Niches and Their Application in Cell Encapsulation and Tissue Engineering.” Progress in Polymer Science, submitted.
  • C.R. Nuttelman, A.M. Kloxin, and K.S. Anseth. “Temporal changes in PEG hydrogel structure influence human mesenchymal stem cell proliferation and matrix mineralization,” Tissue Engineering Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, 585: 135-149 (2006).
  • C.R. Nuttelman, D.S.W. Benoit, M.C. Tripodi, and K.S. Anseth. “The effect of ethylene glycol methacrylate phosphate in PEG hydrogels on mineralization and viability of encapsulated hMSCs.” Biomaterials, 27, 1377-1386 (2006).
  • C.R. Nuttelman, M.C. Tripodi, and K.S. Anseth. “Dexamethasone-functionalized gels induce osteogenic differentiation of encapsulated hMSCs.” Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, 76A (1): 183-195 (2006).
  • C.R. Nuttelman, M.C. Tripodi, and K.S. Anseth. “Synthetic Hydrogel Niches That Promote hMSC Viability.” Matrix Biology. 24(3): 208-218 May 2005.
  • C.R. Nuttelman, M.C. Tripodi, and K.S. Anseth. “In Vitro Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Photoencapsulated in PEG Hydrogels.” Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. 68A (4): 773-782 MAR 15 2004.
  • C.R. Nuttelman, S.M. Henry, and K.S. Anseth. “Synthesis and characterization of photocrosslinkable, degradable poly(vinyl alcohol)-based tissue engineering scaffolds.” Biomaterials, 23, 3617-3626 (2002).
  • C.R. Nuttelman, D.J. Mortisen, S.M. Henry, and K.S. Anseth. “Attachment of fibronectin to poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogels promotes NIH3T3 cell adhesion, proliferation, and migration.” Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, 57, 217-223 (2001).
  • Bryant, Stephanie J., Nuttelman, Charles R., and Anseth, Kristi S., “An Evaluation of the Cytocompatibility of Several Photoinitiating Systems”, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research – Polymer Edition 11: (5) 439-457 2000.
  • S.J. Bryant, C.R.Nuttelman, and K.S.Anseth, "The Effects of Crosslinking Density on Cartilage Formation in Photocrosslinkable Hydrogels," in Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation, P.E.Patterson (ed.), 35, 309-14 (1999).