Photo caption: Morgan Riffe (left), a PhD candidate in Materials Science & Engineering, looks on while Meg Cooke, PhD, research associate in the BioFrontiers Institute, explains the 3D printing process to fabricate biomaterial scaffolds.

CU Boulder receives $1M grant to advance biofabrication training for PhD students

July 15, 2024

CU Boulder's Materials Science and Engineering Program received a $1M grant to fund doctoral research training in biofabrication, a field that enables precise and effective ways to study and treat medical conditions, such as growing new organs or repairing damaged tissues.

Jason Burdick

Alumnus Burdick to join faculty as Bowman Endowed Professor

Sept. 20, 2021

Alumnus Jason Burdick (PhDChemEngr’02) will return as faculty early next year, becoming the first Bowman Endowed Professor.