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Katie Jamei  in her nurses' scrubs
Katayoun Jamei worked as a cardiac nurse in the operating room while simultaneously completing her BS degree. 

Major: Chemical and Biological Engineering

Post-graduation plans: to transition from a cardiac registered nurse in the operating room to a remote position in clinical research or bioinformatics, or a role that merges biological engineering with data analysis.

Academic Engagement Award
This award recognizes undergraduate students engaged with academics to an extent that elevates their own and/or others’ learning experiences.

What accomplishment are you most proud of, either academically or personally?
One of my most significant achievements of which I am extremely proud is my capacity to function as a registered nurse while simultaneously pursuing coursework at CU Boulder. This opportunity was a testament to my organizational capabilities, as I was able to proficiently manage multiple responsibilities. However, during my engineering studies, this presented a significant hurdle, and I frequently encountered burnout. I've come to realize that prioritizing self-care is crucial, especially when facing heavy workloads.

Tell us about a moment (or moments) when you felt like you hit your stride or felt like you were “officially” an engineer.
I felt like a true engineer as a teaching assistant for Process Design and Simulation (CHEN4520) and Introduction to Computation for Engineers (CHEN1310). These opportunities allowed me to put the knowledge I had acquired from these courses into practice by assisting other students in comprehending the course material. The most fulfilling part of this position was witnessing the moment students grasped a concept that had previously eluded them.

What is your advice for incoming engineering students?
Achieving success requires a strong work ethic, but you must also remember to care for yourself. Working towards a harmonious balance between your professional and personal life can pave the way for greater success and fulfillment. It's essential to focus on building physical and mental resilience to overcome the challenges that come your way. While fulfilling your obligations is vital, taking time for yourself can help you recharge and perform at your best. After all, life is about balance.

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