Published: April 1, 2016

2016 NSF Honorable Mentions - Coan, Coscia, Falatach, McGrathCongratulations to graduate students Patrick CoanBenjamin CosciaRebecca Falatach, and Mike McGrath for being awarded 2016 NSF Honorable Mentions.

Advised by Professors Rich Noble, Doug Gin, and Michael Shirts, Coscia currently models transport through nanoporous liquid crystal polymer membranes.

A fellow member of the Noble and Gin groups, McGrath is investigating nanoporous lyotropic liquid crystal polymer membrane modification for the separation of low-molecular-weight organic solutes in aqueous mixtures.

Coan currently works in the Medlin group designing catalysts for multi-site cascades, while Falatach is pursuing single-molecule characterization of protein structure, function and dynamics on materials surfaces under the guidance of Professors Joel Kaar and Dan Schwartz.

(pictured: Patrick Coan, Benjamin Coscia, Rebecca Falatach, and Mike McGrath)