Published: May 28, 2013

Phillips 66 takes investment in the future seriously.  For years, the company has partnered with ChBE, supporting the department’s students, facilities and events along with other CU departments and programs. 

When the decision was made to build the cutting-edge Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building (JSCBB), Phillips 66 committed $3.5 million toward two research neighborhoods designated as the Phillips 66 Center for Energy Innovation. These neighborhoods house the energy-related research efforts of ChBE Professors Jennifer Cha, Anushree Chatterjee, Robert Davis, John Falconer, Ryan Gill, Christine Hrenya, Will Medlin, Prashant Nagpal, Rich Noble, Dan Schwartz, and Al Weimer.

During a recent visit to CU, Phillips 66 CEO Greg Garland presented a check as part of the company’s last JSCBB gift installment. Garland also took time to visit with students. ChBE undergraduates Brandon Lin and Kelsey Niemeyer were part of an eight-student informal chat with Garland, who spoke about his 30 years of experience in the oil industry.  When asked what kept his interest in the oil industry, Garland offered some career advice.

“Be willing to step outside your comfort zone,” Garland said. “Your education doesn’t stop when you leave the university, it continues forever. You’ll become more valuable to your company.”

Afterwards, Lin remarked on the experience, “Especially since I am starting an internship with Phillips 66 later this month, it was a great opportunity to hear the CEO describe the energy landscape and share his vision for Phillips 66.”

Recognizing the value of a top-rate education, Phillips 66 continues to support the department in areas beyond the building. For instance, the company provides ChBE undergraduate lab course funds, graduate fellowships, Student Annual Research Symposium backing, and funding for student groups such as AIChE.

A number of ChBE undergraduate and graduate students have gone on to work at Phillips 66, including Steve Marshall, who received his PhD in 2010.  “My experience at Phillips 66 has provided me with opportunities to network with experts across the energy industry and perform world class research in emerging businesses like renewable fuels,” says Marshall. 

With such mutually positive experiences, ChBE hopes to continue to partner with Phillips 66 for years to come.

Top photo: Phillips 66 CEO Greg Garland presents a $3.5 million check to CU-Boulder. From left, Leeds School of Business Dean David Ikenberry, Chancellor Phil DiStefano, Phillips 66 Vice President of HR Chantal Veevaete, Phillips 66 CEO Greg Garland, and College of Engineering and Applied Science Dean Robert Davis.