Published: April 9, 2013
ChBE students at AIChE Regional Conference Chem-E-Car Competition

Congratulations to our AIChE student group, who did extremely well in the AIChE Regional Conference Chem-E-Car Competition held at New Mexico State University last weekend.  The student group submitted both a battery car and a biodiesel car into competition, with both winning awards.  

The biodiesel car won the Most Creative Award for the second year in a row. This car was powered by homegrown algae/vegetable biodiesel and ethanol obtained through a yeast fermentation. Unfortunately the car did not start due to a small amount of water contamination in the fuel; however, it was nevertheless one of the crowd favorites.

The battery car received 2nd Place in the poster competition. The car started and stopped, coming within approximately 6 ft of the finish line. In the competition, cars are required to finish within a certain pre-designated area.

Great job to our hard-working students!