Published: Feb. 5, 2013
Anushree Chatterjee

Assistant Professor Anushree Chatterjee's research focuses on adopting integrated computational, systems and synthetic biology approaches to investigate fundamental, biotechnological and medically relevant issues including understanding the molecular mechanisms responsible for antibiotic and antiviral resistance, rational design of “next-generation smart antimicrobials,” and construction of synthetic genetic devices for a variety of biotechnological and bioenergy applications. Chatterjee received BS and MS degrees in chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. She completed her PhD in chemical engineering in 2011 at the University of Minnesota, working with Prof. Wei-Shou Hu and Prof. Yiannis N. Kaznessis. Chatterjee was a postdoctoral research fellow with Dr. Alan S. Perelson at the Theoretical Biology and Biophysics group at Los Alamos National Laboratory. She is the recipient of the Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship and Usha Kumar Fellowship at University of Minnesota, and Center of Nonlinear Studies Postdoctoral Fellowship at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Chatterjee has published numerous articles in the broader areas of systems biology, genetic regulation, antibiotic resistance and hepatitis C viral dynamics. She also has given invited talks at different universities and international conferences. When she is not working, Chatterjee enjoys music, hiking, cooking and spending time with family.