Please note, 2020 awardees will be formally recognized and celebrated at the 2021 Best Should Teach Award event in fall 2021. The recognition ceremony was postponed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Allison Atteberry, Assistant Professor, Research and Evaluation Methodology, School of Education
Carol Conzelman, Senior Instructor, Global Studies Residential Academic Program
Kristie Soares, Assistant Professor, Women and Gender Studies 
Deborah Palmer, Professor, Equity, Bilingualism and Biliteracy, School of Education


Mona Farrag Attwa, Instructor, Arabic, Asian Languages & Civilizations
Emmanuel David, Assistant Professor, Women and Gender Studies
Erika Randall, Associate Professor, Theatre & Dance
Kate Semsar, Assistant Director for STEM Education and Instructor, Miramontes Arts & Sciences Program


Janet Y. Tsai, Instructor, Mechanical Engineering
Tamara Meneghini, Associate Professor, Theatre & Dance
Bethy Leonardi, Assistant Professor, Educational Foundations, Policy, and Practice, School of Education
Jenny Knight, Associate Professor, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology 
Teresa E. Foley, Senior Instructor, Integrative Physiology


Tarek Sammakia, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Celeste Montoya, Associate Professor, Women and Gender Studies
William McGinley, Associate Professor, Literacy Studies, School of Education
Priscilla Craven, Senior Instructor, French and Italian


Susan Jurow, Professor, Educational Psychology & Learning Sciences, School of Education
Roseanna M. Neupauer, Associate Professor, Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering 
Christopher Braider, Professor, French 


Elizabeth Dutro, Professor, Education
Eric Stade, Professor, Mathematics


Kathy Escamilla, Professor, Equity, Bilingualism & Biliteracy, School of Education
Margaret Asirvatham, Senior Instructor and Director of General Chemistry, Chemistry
William Kuskin, Professor, English
Polly McLean, Associate Professor, Media Studies


Diane Conlin, Associate Professor, Classics
Michael Eisenberg, Professor, Computer Science
Michele Moses, Professor, Educational Foundations, Policy and Practice, School of Education


Harihar Rajaram, Professor, Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering
Jim Palmer, Professor, Film Studies
Alison Jaggar, College Professor of Distinction, Philosophy and Women and Gender Studies
Kris Gutiérrez, Professor, Literacy and Learning Sciences, School of Education


Anne Costain, Political Science
Ruben Donato, School of Education
Daniel Liston, School of Education
Marianne Wesson, School of Law 


Claudia Mills, Professor, Philosophy
Douglas Duncan, Senior Instructor, Astronomy
Danica Trifunovic, Instructor, French & Italian 


Elspeth Dusinberre, Associate Professor, Classics
Michael Klymkowsky, Professor, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology 


Michael Dubson, Senior Instructor, Physics
Bud Coleman, Professor, Theatre
Clayton Lewis, Professor, Computer Science
Diane Sieber, Director, Herbst Program of Humanities in Engineering


Kristi Anseth, Tisone Professor and HHMI Investigator, Chemical & Biological Engineering
Brian Argrow, Professor, Director, Research and Engineering Center for Unmanned Vehicles, Aerospace Engineering Sciences
Noah Finkelstein, Associate Professor of Physics Education Research, Physics
Valerie Otero, Assistant Professor, School of Education
Patrica Rankin, Associate Professor, Physics


Melinda Barlow, Associate Professor, Film Studies
Elisa L. Facio, Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies
Eric J. Juenke, Assistant Professor, Political Science
Steven Pollock, Associate Professor, Physics 


Adrian Del Caro, Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education and Professor, German & Slavic Languages and Literatures
William M. King, Professor, Ethnic Studies
John P. Powelson, Professor Emeritus, Economics
Carl E. Wieman, Distinguished Professor, Physics 


Martin Bickman, Professor, English
James Downton, Professor Emeritus, Sociology
Donald Weatherley, Associate Professor, Psychology
Dennis Van Gerven, Professor, Anthropology
Eloise Timmons, Boulder educator 


Susan Clarke, Professor, Political Science
John Cumalat, Chair and Professor of Distinction, Physics 


Lindley J. Stiles, Professor Emeritus
Richard Byyny, Chancellor 

1999 & 2000 (keynote lecture event held; no awards given)