Below are the requirements for the Asian Studies Major, effective for all students declaring Fall 2012 or later. Students who have declared prior to this date may choose between an earlier version of our requirements and the new ones below. To view this earlier version, click here.

42 credits minimum, 18 of which must be upper division (A&S minimum)

Asian Language: 4 semesters of a single Asian language (12 to 20 credits)
Traditional Asian Civilizations: Students take any 2 introductory courses, focusing on 2 different civilizations (6 credits minimum, LD)
Modern Asian Civilizations: Students take 1 course (3 credits, LD or UD)
Social Science: Students take 1 course (3 credits, LD or UD)
Senior thesis or project: ASIA 4830 (3 credits, UD)
Electives: Students take at least 3 courses (9 credits, UD recommended)
*Upper division credits are recommended for the electives, since the major as a whole requires 18 upper division credits.

For information about which courses are applicable toward which category, please click on the tabs below.