Contributions to the Friends of Asian Studies Flatirons Fund will create an endowment to further the mission of the Center for Asian Studies, which includes supporting research, instruction, and outreach about Asia on the CU-Boulder campus.  The fund will be used at the discretion of the CAS Director, with current priorities including the CAS Annual Symposium (a forum bringing internationally-recognized speakers to Boulder) and scholarships defraying the cost of student travel to Asia for study abroad and internships.

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Contributions to the Asian Studies Advancement Fund allow the CAS Director to carry out the following types of activities at his discretion: help faculty pursue interdisciplinary research, develop Asia-themed courses that introduce students to new issues and ideas, and attend conferences, and support events at which faculty and students from around campus and the Front Range region have opportunities to network and collaborate.

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Contributions to the Edward G. Seidensticker Memorial Endowment Fund will help provide a graduate student of Japanese Studies an annual scholarship at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

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Those who donate more than $1000 in a calendar year will be added to the Asian Studies Leadership Circle.